TASIS The American School in England wins recognition for exemplary work during the pandemic

TASIS England is proud to announce that the school won the “COVID-19 Safeguarding Award” category for the Safeguarding and Child Protection Association (Sacpa) Safeguarding Awards 2021-22.

TASIS wins recognition
Sacpa represents organisations, associations, agencies, and individuals involved in safeguarding and the welfare of children and adults at risk in the UK and overseas. This award recognizes exceptional safeguarding work carried out by an organization or individual during the COVID-19 pandemic. Head of School Bryan Nixon said, “We are delighted to receive this award from the Safeguarding and Child Protection Association. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has demonstrated an amazing commitment to safeguarding and protecting our students irrespective of whether they were on campus or online. We are grateful not only for the acknowledgement but for the part each member of our community of learners has played, and continues to play, as we meet the challenges and opportunities presented by a global pandemic.”The winners were unveiled at the Digital Safeguarding Conference that took place virtually on February 9. Aileen Kane, Sacpa Director, said: “Safeguarding is a process of continuous improvement; something which needs to keep evolving and be constantly fine tuned to become as effective as it can possibly be. By organising these awards, we wanted to showcase some of the best examples of outstanding safeguarding practice to help all organisations to continue to drive up standards.”Safeguarding and well-being are always priorities for TASIS England, and the School’s swift and comprehensive response to the pandemic focused on providing a safe environment on campus and continuity of learning, whether in person or online. In addition, the School’s dedicated residential team provided a safe haven for boarding students who were unable to return to their families, with on-campus accommodation and support available during lockdowns, term breaks, and post-travel quarantine periods. Website: www.tasisengland.org

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