Corporate Housing Factory new partnership with Dutch Uncle for extended lifestyle services

Corporate Housing Factory, leading serviced apartment provider in the Netherlands, is expanding its services through a new exclusive partnership with Dutch Uncle, offering outstanding expat concierge & lifestyle services.

Corporate Housing Factory is one of the main serviced apartment providers with a focus on corporate clients in the Netherlands and currently manages some 250 short-stay apartments in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, and Eindhoven. By partnering with Dutch Uncle, it has expanded its services significantly and can now also offer a variety of extra lifestyle and concierge services such as a nanny service or a ‘become a local’ tour. Essentially, anything an expat can think of to minimize the impact of relocating and to guarantee a smooth transition to the Netherlands. Eva Valkhoff, head of marketing and communications notes: “We are delighted to have started this exclusive partnership with Dutch Uncle. This partnership allows our residents to enjoy amazing extended concierge services usually only found at luxurious hotels, which amounts to yet another plus in staying with us! We see that, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Netherlands continues to attract multinational companies, business travelers and digital nomads, resulting in surprisingly resilient demand for temporary accommodation suited for business professionals. This is where we come in and make sure that these professionals can benefit from ‘the Factory’s’ perfect mix of serviced apartments with great strategic locations, flexibility and modern amenities. And now, on top of our usual included extras such as WiFi and weekly cleaning, rounding out our offering with a full spectrum of extra lifestyle & concierge services provided by Dutch Uncle.”Stephanie Broeke, founder and co-owner of Dutch Uncle, says “Adding an expat chapter or international adventure to one’s life has proved a rich experience. However, getting a lifestyle up and running in a new country takes time and effort. Dutch Uncle understands this as no other and offers support where needed, ensuring an easy adaptation process. We’re looking forward to working with Corporate Housing Factory and helping them provide a soft landing in the Netherlands for their residents with our concierge and lifestyle services.” About Corporate Housing Factory B.V.Corporate Housing Factory, headquartered in Amsterdam, is one of the leading temporary housing companies, offering comfortably located serviced apartments throughout the Netherlands. Our concept offers today’s business traveler a pleasant home combined with the service and comfort of a luxurious hotel. The stylish apartments are geared specifically to guests arriving with toiletries and clothing only; The apartments are fully furnished, combined with services and facilities regarding comfort, sports and relaxation. Ideal for a temporary stay in the Netherlands, at which everything is taken care of in detail. We believe in creating a true “feeling at home” experience and we will take care of you or your employees from the moment they arrive in the Netherlands. 
  • For more information, please contact Eva or +31(0)88 1169 506  
About Dutch UncleDutch Uncle is a Concierge & Lifestyle Service provider with a focus on expats. We create a soft-landing with services that can ease the adaptation process of new residents to the Netherlands. Our services are especially designed for expats that plan to, will, or have recently arrived, in the Netherlands. We also offer our services to (international) companies that understand and value the fact that a spouse and/or family is also a major stakeholder in a successful and sustainable relocation. Dutch Uncle understands the grand impact of a life-changing event such as moving to another country and has got your back in making this a seamless transition for your global talent. Therefore, for those global mobility or HR managers we created a special B-to-B program.
  • For more information, please contact Stephanie Broeke: or +31(0)6 49 30 55 88

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