Move over Millennials: Gen Z demand people-first employers

A new Investors in People (IIP) report investigates the expectations and motivations of people born after 1995, and now graduating into the world of work from university or college.

Multigenerational workplace
The IIP's first Talent of Tomorrow report comes as it seeks to encourage employers to structure graduate positions to meet the motivations of the latest graduate cohort.Canvassing 500 university graduates alongside 500 college leavers, the community interest company's study shows Generation Z want to work for an organisation with a people-first culture, they want training and development, and they want clear progression.IIP CEO Paul Devoy said: “The findings of our latest report are clear. For 72% of this year’s graduates, career progression is more important than a high starting salary and for 53%, investment in learning and development will encourage loyalty to a first employer. With these facts, organisations are now duly equipped with the tools to carve out appealing positions for the graduate talent that they need to achieve their long-term objectives.”

How does Generation Z differ from Millennials?

When asked which three components of a job offer were most important, the following came out as priorities for 2018's university graduates:
  • Job security 53%
  • Learning & development 52%
  • Career progression 42% 
With Generation Z cited as celebrating individuality more than previous generations, over eight in ten (84%) of university graduates would prefer their future employer to put people first. Generation Z also hold training and development opportunities in high regard, with 72% saying they would value career progression over salary. A previous study also showed most would relocate for the right jobFor a little over half (53%), investment in learning and development would be the biggest inducement of loyalty to an employer.

Which professions are popular with Generation Z?

Reflecting the people-first approach, the IIP report shows the top three sectors graduates are seeking work in are:
  1. Healthcare 14%
  2. Art & Design 10% 
  3. Accountancy, Banking & Finance 6%

How confident is Generation Z in today's labour market?

IIP's report finds Generation Y is fairly confident when it comes to finding a job.Around three-quarters (73%) of this new talent pool intend to look for a job immediately with 15% already having a position lined up.Yet just 64% are confident of finding employment within 6 months of completing their courses, leaving a sizeable 36% who remain unconvinced of their prospects amid wider uncertainty surrounding the UK ahead of Brexit.There is also a gender aspect to this, with 74% of men feeling confident in their chances of a job in 6 months, compared to 62% of women. This finding aligns with other studies showing a possible role of graduate expectations in the gender pay gap. Recent research into graduate recruitment by the Institute of Student Employers suggests positive sentiment around job prospects is justified, and the UK's largest graduate recruiters are also getting the message about valuing people and are prioritising diversity.Read more about the multi-generational workplace, Millennials and Generation Z in the upcoming autumn issue of Relocate Global magazine. Reserve your copy.For related news and features, visit our Talent Management pages. 
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