Wellbeing and performance can be improved by new system of managing information

How a new, next generation form of note-taking can increase understanding by an average of 20 per cent, improving performance and personal wellbeing.

new system for note taking helps wellbeing
A brand new, next generation form of note-taking has been developed to help people to understand and analyse new information in real time.SmartWisdom has been scientifically proven to increase understanding by an average of 20 per cent and to improve ten key cognitive skills, allowing people to achieve their true potential, increasing performance and giving a competitive edge to both themselves and their organisation. This can help improve personal wellbeing, as people feel more relaxed, confident, and excited by their ability to manage more information at a new level and more easily than others.

Identifying and linking information

This method increases performance compared to listening, bullet point note taking and laptop/tablet recording, training people to be able to listen and concentrate at a high level for at least an hour, in meetings and interview situations, as well as to identify important information, capture it and link it together to increase real time understanding. Notes are more concise, more detail and easier to recall. SmartWisdom is a solution where the focus of a meeting or study session is on meaning rather than just recording. It is now possible to focus on listening, recording, understanding and questioning simultaneously.
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An aid for dyslexics

The system was created by Jonathan Kemp who, because of his dyslexia, came up with a solution to help himself, initially. Jonathan used his condition to develop SmartWisdom over 20 years, during which two independent scientific studies found a 12 per cent increase in understanding within 2 weeks and a 20 per cent increase after one year. User’s belief and confidence in their own ability was also higher as a result of using SmartWisdom.The note-taking system increases dyslexics’ real-time understanding even further (by 23 per cent above that which can be achieved by non-dyslexics) and gives dyslexics greater confidence and belief in their capabilities to manage day-to-day knowledge in study and work. SmartWisdom also increases the capabilities of those with English as a second language. The SmartWisdom course costs £399 and takes 5 hours to complete.

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