Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Summit: Talent Mobility in EMEA

London, 11 and 12 February 2015

Explore essential benchmarking and educational opportunities, and hear from industry leaders about how they are transforming their companies’ mobility programmes.

Discover ideas for scalability and efficiency within the mobility corporate function. Gain from cost-effective policy improvements and collect a wealth of initiatives you can implement immediately within your own or your clients’ programmes.

Free registration for HR and suppliers! Click here for details.

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We can do more together

We’re all zoomed out but tapping into what others are doing around the world in the sector is what will keep global mobility relevant now and in the future. Fiona Murchie reports on the willingness to work together to drive the recovery. 
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Frankfurt: Worldwide ERC® Mobility Conference Report

February’s Worldwide ERC® Frankfurt Mobility Summit blazed with energy. Its atmosphere reflected both the reinvigorated aspirations that a new year brings and the novelty of a new format and venue for the German financial capital. Fiona Murchie reports on how the Worldwide ERC’s global summit series stay ahead of changes in global mobility.
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