ACS celebrate exam results

ACS Exam Results 2023
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ACS Cobham students secure top spots at prestigious universities worldwide

ACS International School Cobham students studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are celebrating superb examination results and have secured places at top universities around the world, including Oxford, Harvard and New York University.The school’s IBDP students collectively achieved an average score of 35 BDP points; higher than the global average of 30.24, and a 91% pass rate surpassing the average IB global pass rate of 79.3%, while 91% of students studying the AP achieved the pass score of 3 or higher in three or more subjects.The top IB score achieved by students at ACS Cobham was 44 out of 45 points, which is equivalent to roughly 5A*s at A Level. In addition, 30% of this year’s ACS Cobham student cohort achieved an average IBDP point score of 38 and above points, better than A*AA in A levels.The 183 graduating students taking US College Board AP courses at ACS Cobham this year in twenty five different subjects achieved an average point score of 3.7 out of 5 with 91% achieving 3 or more. 34 students achieved Scholar recognition, scoring 3 or more in 3 or more exams. AP courses are scored from 1-5, with a score of 3 or ‘qualified’ indicating that a student is capable of doing the work of an introductory-level course in a particular subject at university.Student Alberto Giordano, who studied the IBDP and is now going on to study at the highly selective NYU Stern School of Business in New York, said: "ACS has prepared me to make the most of meeting vastly diverse groups of people and taking advantage of leadership opportunities that I will take with me to NYU. Taking the IBDP has also honed my time management and research abilities which will be more than useful when I start university."Henry Zeghibe, who studied for AP exams, has secured a place at Harvard University: “The freedom offered by the AP curriculum has been incredibly influential in moulding and nourishing my development. The nature of APs as a one year intensive courses has allowed me to try a variety of subjects ranging from Art to Economics, helping me to better develop an understanding of what I might want to do in the future.”Other notable AP successes at the school include Hannah Kasirye who has accepted an offer to study Law at the University of Oxford. ACS Cobham offers AP courses within its High School curriculum, enabling students to gain AP qualifications as part of their ACS High School Diploma (US) alongside the IBDP and /or High School courses, or as an additional diploma. AP originates in the US, but is recognised as a prestigious post-16 qualification by universities worldwide and in the UK. ACS Cobham has witnessed a significant increase in student participation in AP courses over the past four years. The growing interest in the AP pathway reflects the school's success in offering APs and Is a testament to ACS Cobham's commitment to providing a range of rigorous academic opportunities.Barnaby Sandow, BEM, Head of School at ACS Cobham, said: "As the Head of School at ACS Cobham, I am thrilled to announce the exceptional results achieved by our students in the 2023 exams. These outcomes reflect not only their hard work and dedication but also the embodiment of our school's philosophy and values. These results stand as a testament to our students' resilience, critical thinking abilities, and their unwavering pursuit of knowledge. We are immensely proud of their achievements, which exemplify the values of curiosity, integrity, and global citizenship that form the foundation of ACS Cobham's educational approach."The DP is a rigorous, two-year qualification, globally recognised as an alternative to A Levels, which allows students to continue learning six subjects in their final years and prepares them to be internationally-minded, global citizens. In a recently commissioned report titled Education for a World of Opportunity, ACS International Schools and IBSCA revealed 40 percent of British Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) believe it is important or very important for entry-level candidates to demonstrate this internationally-minded approach.For more information about ACS Cobham, please visit: International School CobhamFar more than just a school, ACS International School Cobham is a friendly, vibrant international community with a global outlook that guides our world-renowned curriculum. Based on US educational best practice, we offer a new kind of learning for a new kind of world citizen. Our goal is as simple as it is inspiring: to make our students ready for the challenges of tomorrow, so they thrive at every stage of their lives.We are home to 1,300 students aged 2 to 18 from over 60 countries, cared for and taught by 300 expert faculty and staff members.Our students are encouraged to tailor their studies to suit their talents and ambitions, while a wealth of outstanding support amenities help deliver a well-rounded educational experience. Equally important is our beautiful, leafy campus, just 30 minutes from central London. Our location offers students the best of both worlds – the stimulation of one of the world’s great cities, combined with the charms of the English countryside.Unique amongst our four schools, ACS Cobham offers boarding as an option for students aged 13 to 18, who enjoy state-of-the-art facilities in our recently-opened boarding house.IB Results 2023 ACS Cobham

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ACS Egham students celebrate results after securing outstanding IB Diploma results

ACS International School Egham students studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) have achieved excellent results in recent exams: 35% of students at ACS Egham scored above 38 DP points, better than A*AA at A level, with Egham’s highest student scoring an impressive 44 out of 45. This school’s cohort has achieved an average point score of 35, surpassing the global IBDP average score of 30.24. and a pass rate of 95%, surpassing the average global pass rate of 79.3%. Students will now go on to study at top universities around the world and the UK, including UCL, Kings College London and Royal Holloway.2023 Valedictorian and ECIS Award Winner, Daniel Trigueiro, scored 44 and gained a place at Bocconi University in Italy. The Valedictorian award is given in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and represents the highest standards of planning, diligence and commitment in all studies. Daniel describes his time at ACS as: “Constant metamorphosis. The DP has enabled me to dive headfirst into an infinite sea of academic and personal inquiry. From the surprisingly philosophical quantum investigations in the lab to the incandescent improv sequences in the school’s theatre production, this multipotential voyage has prepared me for any future pathway. Even though I'm certain about my next steps - into Economics and Sustainable Development - I have learned to be ready to change, relearn, and adapt.”ACS Egham is one of only two schools in the UK to offer all four IB programmes from primary years through to sixth form. The DP, in particular, ensures students are ready for higher education, the world of work and develops students to become internationally-minded, global citizens. ACS Egham also offers the Career-related Programme (CP), a stand-out programme specifically developed for students who wish to engage in career-related learning for work while gaining transferable and lifelong skills in applied knowledge, critical thinking, communication, and cross-cultural engagement.Mark Wilson, Head of School, ACS Egham, comments: “Congratulations to all our IB graduating students. We are extremely proud of how hard you worked, your resilience and commitment have paid off with an excellent set of results. On behalf of all the staff, I wish you every success going forward. The universities and work placements you are moving on to are lucky to be receiving open-minded, organised and passionate people to join their communities. You have successfully completed a challenging academic programme and found balance to develop your personal interests and pursue your passions. We will continue to follow your journey with interest and pride, confident that you will make a positive impact in the world.”ACS International Schools and IBSCA recently commissioned a report titled Education for a World of Opportunity, revealing that British employers agree and appreciate the “added value” elements of an IB education that can be found at the core of each IB programme, which support students’ personal and interpersonal development, alongside fostering important social skills.For more information on ACS Egham and its IB offering, please visit: International School EghamAt ACS International School Egham, the old blends seamlessly with the new. Our beautiful grounds and buildings in 20 acres of countryside give the school a village feel, while our cutting-edge dedicated International Baccalaureate (IB) centre allows for a truly modern learning experience.Just 25 miles from London, we’re home to over 500 students, aged 4 to 18, and expert faculty and staff, from around the world. The school's global outlook informs our curriculum, building on the very best of international education standards, and providing our students with a world-class education that is fit for the 21st century. Our students become service-oriented, globally-minded world citizens with inquisitive minds and a real sense of personal responsibility – ready for a future full of opportunities.ACS Egham is one of only two schools in the UK to offer all four IB programmes.

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ACS Hillingdon students celebrate superb exam results

ACS International School Hillingdon students studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), the International Baccalaureate Careers Related Programme (IBCP) and Advanced Placement courses (AP) are celebrating outstanding results. IBDP students at ACS Hillingdon achieved a pass rate of 97%, far surpassing the average global pass rate of 79.3%, and an average score of 34, beating the global average of 30.24 IBDP points. 10 students studying the IBCP achieved a 100% pass rate, while 86% of students studying AP exams passed qualifying them to receive US college credit. Students will now go on to study at top universities around the world, including Imperial College, UCL, Warwick, St Andrews, Boston College, New York and Toronto Universities.Felix Aurnhammer from Hillingdon is one of just 25 students in the UK and amongst less than 1% of students in the world who scored the full IBDP score of 45 points. 29% of this year’s cohort also achieved over 38 points; better than A*AA at A levels. ACS Hillingdon students taking the AP received an average point score of 3.5 out of 5.Ayla Kruse Lawson studied the IBDP at ACS Hillingdon and has secured a place to study Human Biology, Health and Society at Cornell University in New York to pursue her dream of studying medicine. Ayla says: “My time at ACS Hillingdon has been a transformative experience and I have developed the confidence to take risks and try new opportunities. I found the small class sizes creates a close community and everyone is eager to support one another. The teachers always make themselves available and learning feels very personalised.”Originating in the US, AP is recognised by universities in the UK and around the world as a prestigious post-16 qualification. ACS Hillingdon offers AP qualifications as part of its ACS High School Diploma (US) alongside IB and /or High School courses, or as an additional diploma – the AP Capstone Diploma (APCD).The DP is a rigorous, two-year qualification, globally recognised as an alternative to A Levels, which allows students to continue learning six subjects in their final years and prepares them to be internationally-minded, global citizens. The programme enables students to take responsibility for their own learning, developing critical and creative thinking skills. In a recently commissioned report titled Education for a World of Opportunity, ACS International Schools and IBSCA revealed that, when recruiting, British Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) place greater value on these personal and professional skills, than on subject specific knowledge.Alongside the DP, ACS Hillingdon students can also take the IBCP, offering an exciting hands-on learning pathway for students wishing to pursue a career in today’s varied industries. In September last year, the school launched the IBCP in Digital Arts, a world-first, that has been specifically designed by ACS Hillingdon to develop the qualities students need to secure, and prosper in, a wide range of careers in today’s film and digital arts sector. This adds to the existing IBCP in Expressive Arts.Graduating student Sophia Mucha has secured a place at New York University Tisch School of Arts following her completion of the IBCP in Expressive Arts at ACS Hillingdon. Sophie says: “I chose to study the IBCP as I could choose the classes that I took, including expressive creative and visual arts, as well as academic-focused classes. I really appreciated my teachers, who have made me passionate about my subjects, more curious and daring, and have taught me to work smart as the workload is intense and difficult. Thanks to this I have received a broader education.” Martin Hall, Head of School, ACS Hillingdon, comments: “Congratulations to all of our graduating students for their excellent results in the demanding courses, whether that has been with the IB Diploma, Career-related Programme or Advanced Placement courses. Our students’ success in these courses has opened doors to outstanding opportunities in the UK and beyond. We look forward to seeing our students use this strong academic foundation, along with their development as global citizens, to make their mark on the world.”For more information on ACS Hillingdon and its academic offering, please visit: International School HillingdonACS International School Hillingdon is a beautiful green and welcoming campus close to Central London, bursting with innovation and enterprise.We’re home to nearly 600 students, aged 4 to 18, and 150 expert faculty and staff, representing over 50 nationalities. It is this global outlook that informs our world-renowned curriculum, building on the very best of global education standards, which gives our students unprecedented flexibility to tailor their studies from a wide range of options.Our students flourish in a warm, personal school environment, and they are supported by talented teachers who seamlessly integrate enquiry-based learning and the development of a global outlook with technology in the classroom.

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