Haut-Lac International Bilingual School

Haut-Lac International Bilingual School is a day and boarding school nestled in the Swiss Riviera region, near Geneva and Lausanne.

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It’s prime location at the heart of Europe provides both its students and boarders with a whole host of learning opportunities.


Haut-Lac was founded as a bilingual school from the get go to help its international students feel at home in their new country as soon as possible.Whether they choose to follow the bilingual English-French curriculum or study only in English, all students benefit from constant exposure to the local language thanks to daily French lessons and interaction with both French and English-speaking classmates. They therefore rapidly develop their conversational understanding and start to feel at ease in their new country.Their local knowledge is then further enhanced with as many as five school trips to local sights like the Chaplin Museum, the UN Headquarters, or the Bern Kunstmuseum in any given week.Haut-Lac image 2


A soft skills-based infant and primary programme. Three prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) secondary programmes. An IB Sport & Study option. A Swiss option. And a US High School Diploma.Why so many options? Because no two students are the same, especially when they come from 40 countries and plan on studying at top universities across the globe.Students at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School are given the chance to follow their dreams, whether these be academic, sporting, artistic or something else entirely.  Haut-Lac image 3


You’ve probably heard them referred to as soft skills. That is to say a person’s ability to communicate, to think critically, to work with others and alone, to be resilient and to assume responsibility.These skills are what make Haut-Lac students stand out from their competition when it comes to applying for university or jobs.They work hard at them both in and out of class. Through class projects and presentations, student council positions, team sports clubs, MUN debates and school shows, to name but a few, they learn to transfer and use their skills in all situations.Some call it a holistic education. Others call it an all-round one. And that’s exactly what Haut-Lac students get. They learn more than just English, French, maths and science. They develop and learn to combine all their knowledge, skills and talents in different ways to find innovative solutions to whatever problem they may be facing.Haut-Lac image 4It’s thanks to all of the above that Haut-Lac graduates not only pass their final International Baccalaureate programme. They pass it with points well above the world average and go on to pursue successful higher education studies and careers in their fields of choice.

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