Why study at a small family oriented boarding school in Switzerland?

What comes to mind when you think Switzerland?
Majestic landscapes? Efficient public transport? Quality watches? And maybe its long-standing boarding school tradition too. That’s right, students the world over have been coming to Switzerland since the 1880s in search of an enriching educational experience that goes beyond academics.

The country's commitment to innovation and academic rigor is reflected in its educational institutions, which offer conducive and safe environments for learning and living.Environments that ensure each student gets a personalised learning experience enabling them to thrive in our modern, globalised society. And a family-oriented experience that makes them feel at home way from home like the 600 students at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School.

A Premium Location for Premium Education

Imagine waking up to stunning views over Lake Geneva and the Alps beyond. For the 30 international students at the Haut-Lac Boarding House, that’s the highlight of the day along with the golden sunsets every evening.Their cosy Swiss Riviera home at the heart of Europe enables them to complement their academic learning with national and international discovery. The small, close-knit group is often seen heading off campus at the weekends to explore famous glaciers, towns and regions in Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany.Haut-Lac-boarding-room

Personalised Learning for Academic Success

Individualised attention and care is a founding pillar of Haut-Lac International Bilingual School. Both academic and boarding staff make the most of small class and boarding numbers to focus on each student, catering to their strengths and areas for improvement.This personalised approach cultivates a deeper understanding of subjects as well as a heightened awareness of self and others. The students go beyond the confines of a standardised curriculum to develop both their academic knowledge and the soft skills sought after by employers worldwide, such as critical thinking, effective communication and problem-solving. Haut-Lac-students-reading

Exciting Extra-Curriculars

An Haut-Lac education has never been just about academics though. It’s a holistic one that encourages students to use and develop all their skills and talents both in class and during over 150 extra-curricular activities.Why? Because success in the wider world requires more than good knowledge in a particular fieldof interest. It also requires a sense of responsibility, intercultural understanding and teamwork. All skills which are best developed by joining a school sports team, taking part in the school show or debating with the MUN club.What’s more, the emphasis placed on community engagement throughout primary and its secondary IB programmes enables staff to nurture socially-conscious global citizens.Haut-Lac-skiing

International Community

Diversity is another hallmark of Haut-Lac International Bilingual School. With over 42 different nationalities, its students are exposed to a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences.Such an international experience is key to cultivating open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity, both essential skills for success in our increasingly globalised society.

Alumni Success Stories

The impact of living and studying at a small, family-oriented boarding school is evident in the success stories of their alumni.Every year, Haut-Lac graduates go on to study at top universities worldwide such as the EPFL in Switzerland, the University of Warwick in the UK and MIT in the US. And then, with their degrees in their pockets, they move on to head departments at Mars, pursue PhDs in nanophysics or even start their own businesses.Many actually attribute their achievements and personal growth to the nurturing environment and individualised attention received during their formative years at Haut-Lac.Summing up, the benefits of studying at a small, family-oriented boarding school in Switzerland like Haut-Lac International Bilingual School are multi-faceted. From academic excellence, to diverse extra-curricular experiences and a welcoming, supportive community, these institutions offer a holistic educational journey that shapes well-rounded individuals poised for success in a globalised world.To further explore this unique educational pathway, where academic excellence intertwines with personal growth against the backdrop of Switzerland's breath-taking landscapes and nurturing communities, visit https://bit.ly/HautLacSchool.
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