Marlborough College Malaysia

Marlborough College Malaysia is the first independent, British boarding and day school to open a campus in Malaysia. The Preparatory School takes pupils from age 3 and the Senior School includes a Sixth Form to age 18. Pupils entering Marlborough College Malaysia join a community steeped in the tradition of placing compassion, companionship and conversation at the heart of its educational philosophy and a history, spanning over 170 years, of holistic education and academic excellence.

Marlborough College


The pupils of Marlborough College Malaysia will carry the torch for a new era of education. They will embody the spirit of internationalism and emerge as the beneficiaries of cross-cultural exchanges, an international perspective and preparation for life in a global environment.Marlborough College was founded for the sons of the clergy of the Church of England in 1843, just after Queen Victoria came to the throne. At Marlborough College Malaysia, we do not aim to promote a purely Anglican point of view but rather we aim to set a moral compass for the children and we cherish and celebrate our multi-faith community.Whilst maximising academic potential is an essential requirement of any school, the co-curricular aspect is a vital part of developing an all-round person. The spacious 90-acre campus with outstanding facilities allows for excellent opportunities in sporting and outdoor pursuits. We also place high value in the contribution of music, art, drama and service to others in the holistic education that we deliver to the pupils in our care. 

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