A Home Away from Home: why boarding at Marlborough College Malaysia offers the pathway to success

All parents want to provide their children with the best chance of academic success but relocating to a new country can pose some significant challenges, especially when it comes to choosing the right school. That’s where an international boarding school like Marlborough College Malaysia can offer the perfect solution, offering a secure environment where students can meet new friends, settle into a routine quickly and excel academically. For relocating families, boarding can offer parents peace of mind as they navigate living and working in a new country. Marlborough College Malaysia knows the importance of giving students the very best boarding experience allowing them to gain confidence, develop independence and thrive academically.


A head start for academic achievement

One of the many benefits of a boarding school is that they offer a unique educational experience that has been proven to aid students in their academic studies. Research has shown that pupils who attend boarding schools tend to achieve higher levels of success at university compared to their peers. One of the key advantages that boarders enjoy is the easy access to teachers and learning resources outside of regular class hours. At Marlborough College Malaysia, a significant number of teaching staff and their families live on campus, providing invaluable guidance and support to students who wish to excel in their studies. Teachers are readily available in the boarding house to offer dedicated assistance with homework and visiting tutors offering subject specific help are available in the evenings and weekends. Boarders at the College have the advantage of using the facilities during evenings and weekends such as the library, Art rooms and Music rooms. As well as this, they can also enjoy the sports facilities including the Olympic sized pool, grass pitches, climbing wall or the state-of-the-art fitness centre.Master of MCM, Mr Simon Burbury said, “Those living on-site at Marlborough College Malaysia are part of a close-knit community that creates a wonderful buzz, 24/7. And it is abuzz with activities, because we really do have state-of-the-art facilities that are, genuinely, second to none in the region. I genuinely believe that boarding presents unparalleled opportunities for children to grow in independence and confidence, and to refine emotional intelligence, academic, social and co-curricular skills. Children in a boarding community have near 24/7 access to pastoral and academic guidance. They enjoy a kind of guided or scaffolded route to independence, which really does offer the best possible preparation for life beyond school, whether that be at university or the world of work.”

A British education

Many relocating families are keen for their children to attend a school in the UK which are well-known for their high academic standards, however, this can prove challenging due to the long distances and time differences involved. This is where British international schools that offer a UK curriculum can provide an ideal alternative since they are often situated closer to a student’s home country.Marlborough College Malaysia is a genuine sister school to Marlborough College UK, is fully owned by a UK institution and operates on a not-for-profit basis. Not only does this mean that surplus funds are reinvested into the school to provide the best experience for pupils but the College also benefits from its close links to its UK counterpart. As well as regular exchanges and visits between the two organisations, the Old Marlburian network, which spans both schools, enables alumni the opportunity to connect and communicate with each other. A joint networking platform and app called MC Global Connect enables Old Marlburians the opportunity to find a mentor, post jobs, request work experience or simply search for other alumni in a similar field or location. With over 10,000 members from around the world, this community provides a vast network of opportunities for Old Marlburians to engage and collaborate with like-minded individuals.Moreover, the location of Marlborough College Malaysia, just across the Singapore border, provides a solution to navigating the logistical difficulties of attending a British boarding school. Parents can easily visit the school, attend events or Parents’ Meetings and maintain regular contact with their children, while the reduced time difference compared to the UK minimises any potential barriers. For students, attending an international school situated in Asia can also ensure a smooth transition into boarding, as they may experience less of a culture shock. Pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia really can have the best of both worlds: a high-quality British boarding education in an international setting and without the challenges of making the long journey to the UK.

Award-winning pastoral care

Relocating to another country is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking at times, but an international boarding school can provide a secure and nurturing environment for children as they adjust to their new surroundings. This in turn, offers parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are well cared for and are being given an educational experience like no other.Marlborough College Malaysia has been recognised for its outstanding pastoral care and educational excellence and is one of only five COBIS Beacon Schools worldwide. It has also received Highly Commended from the Boarding Schools' Association in 2021 for both The Wellbeing & Mental Health Initiative Award and The Boarding Research Award. These accolades are the result of the dedication demonstrated by the boarding staff at the College who ensure that students are supported for all their needs whether it is academic, personal, or emotional. For example, weekends are thoughtfully designed to help children settle in quickly, develop friendships, and embrace the many opportunities available to them. Boarders eagerly anticipate their weekends, and there is always something new and exciting to enjoy. As well as being able to make good use of the excellent facilities such as a game of football on the pitches, paddle boarding the beautiful lake, or baking and arts and crafts in House, there are plenty of organised trips outside of the College grounds. This might be a visit to Singapore, a day at a theme park, ice skating, bowling, horse riding - the list is endless and pupils enjoy a rich and full experience. There are also a variety of special events reserved just for the boarding community on-site too such as House barbeques, movie nights or special celebration dinners. All this a helps to establish a real ‘home-from-home’ environment meaning that boarders get the most out of their time at Marlborough College Malaysia.

Life-long Friendships

One of the many exciting aspects of relocating to a new country is the opportunity to meet new people and learn about different cultures and traditions. Marlborough College Malaysia has over 40 nationalities represented in the student body and there is a real ethos of inclusion. One of the highlights of the year is the annual Nations Day which sees the whole school community including pupils, parents and staff donning their national dress in a parade through the beautiful grounds. For boarders, it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with individuals from different backgrounds, cultivating essential qualities such as tolerance, understanding, and respect for others, skills that are essential in today’s global society. Not only that, but boarders form strong friendships with their fellow housemates creating memories that will last a lifetime. Mrs Rebecca Jarrett, Head of Boarding at the College believes that Marlborough College Malaysia offers boarders an extraordinary educational experience, saying, “By offering that holistic, all round education Marlborough College Malaysia creates some of the most well rounded, balanced and international pupils one could imagine. It is a truly British School in the most beautiful and green of locations and climates. Having lived and worked in boarding schools in the UK for many years I believe our facilities are second to none and allow every member of the community a chance to try new things and find their own niche.”Discover more about the benefits of boarding at Marlborough College Malaysia by arranging a personal tour or attending one of the admissions events. Book your place here or by emailing admissions@marlboroughcollege.my. For more information about boarding please visit www.marlboroughcollegemalaysia.org

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