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Winner of the 2022 Think Global People for Excellence in Employee Experience & Engagement: Enjoy Education
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This article is taken from the 2022 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.
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The pandemic linked wellbeing to work like never before. Remote, international remote working, and hybrid practices are sharpening this focus, leading to families’ plans changing at short notice and the ability for some to work from anywhere. This is impacting the options for their children’s learning journeys.
“Enjoy Education has seized the initiative on supporting employee wellbeing to deliver outstanding services to their clients”
The past two years have also heightened awareness of the importance of looking after the people who look after us. The winner of this award, tutor agency and educational consultancy, Enjoy Education, is at the confluence of both trends.It has seized the initiative on supporting employee wellbeing to deliver outstanding services to its clients. Such responsiveness and agility have proved vital when supporting families making education transitions in these past few years of uncertainty.Enjoy Education’s flexible and modern approach – needed now more than ever before – is benefiting both its team and the families who use their award-winning tuition, home-schooling and schools advice practice.

Lifelong learning journeys

Enjoy Education designs bespoke educational adventures to create lifelong, happy learners by drawing on a network of hand-picked schools advisors, private tutors and mentors. Tailored adventures include using the geography of Costa Rica to develop an exciting cross-curriculum programme and enrich the experience of two children on temporary assignment with their parents in the country, as well as supporting a Turkish family with a bridging programme that helped them to understand the 11+ process, the student to improve his English and boost his wellbeing, and have a more successful start to school in the UK.This individualised learning supports each student’s personal journey, providing an excellent foundation for a more globally minded future of work. Yet to deliver such curiosity-inspiring and innovative programmes demands an engaged and connected international team – a core challenge in many businesses right now.Acknowledging that its tutors are at the heart of its workforce, Enjoy Education has successfully shifted to flexible working, experimenting with new ways of communicating, collaborating and staying connected. It offers a programme to help team members keep up with changes and develop their talents with agility. Further backing up its initiatives and intent, Enjoy Education created a new role, Head of Tutor Partnership, to support its diverse, globally mobile and multilingual tutor community. 

Wellbeing and transformation

The judges recognised how relocating parents’ positive experiences, shared through glowing testimonials, flow from the company’s support for its tutors and staff, its strong sense of purpose and values.“Enjoy Education is a highly responsive educational consultancy that is obviously appreciated by parents of relocating children who state it provides a joyful experience for them and their families. There is clear emphasis on wellbeing, diversity and staff support. “It is an organisation with strong core values, which translate into a flexible approach to delivering quality, bespoke education programmes to families all over the world.” “At Enjoy Education, we believe in transformational learning for every student,” said Beatrice McKechnie-Rowe, Managing Director of Enjoy Education, collecting the award. “Wellbeing has been a particular focus for us, especially in the past few years. Not just with our internal teams, but also for our students with everything they have been through.“It’s been so important to really focus on wellbeing alongside the academics in every programme that we put together. The transformational effects of that are incredible to see.”
Beatrice McKechnie-Rowe, Managing Director, Enjoy Education
The award was collected by Beatrice McKechnie-Rowe, Managing Director, Enjoy Education.Visit the Enjoy Education website
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