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Learning Lab

The RES Forum Learning Lab is a virtual education programme, developed in partnership with Knowledge Anywhere, to help HR & GM Professionals become experts in Global Mobility.

The curriculum covers the following aspects of Global Mobility and International Relocation:

  • Mobility
  • Assignee journey
  • Employee compensation
  • Compliance

Each module includes a test at the end to ensure understanding and drive engagement, and if you want to be recognised as the best by the best you can go one step further and take the optional full RES accreditation once you have completed the curriculum.

RES Accreditation

RES accreditation is the industry benchmark in taking HR and Global Mobility professionals beyond the basics of Global Mobility management and allowing them to demonstrate their understanding of mobility and HR concepts in practice.

The RES team send candidates a mobility case study and ask them to prepare a recorded PowerPoint (including audio) or a video presentation, which builds upon the knowledge acquired through the Learning Lab. The presentation is then sent to our qualified assessors, who are, without exception, current or previous heads of reward or Global Mobility.

The assessment will result in either pass or fail - with a pass rate of around 70%. Successful candidates will become ‘RES accredited class of 2018’ and will receive our logo and business card templates for use on their business cards and in their email signature and on their LinkedIn profile. They will also appear on our public ‘Hall of fame’, allowing employers and clients to see when you achieved accreditation.

Whether pass or fail, candidates will receive a feedback summary of their submission.

The RES Forum

The RES Forum was created in 2006 as an independent community for International HR & Mobility professionals and is now the largest and most active network, specialising in global mobility survey data, modelling and analytics.

The Forum has gone from strength-to-strength and is now recognised as a leader in the facilitation of inter-peer networking within the fields of International HR, Global Mobility and International Compensation and Benefits. Today the RES Forum has active members in 41 countries with representation in EMEA, APAC and the AMERICAS looking after 740 member organisations and 1600+ in-house members across all regions.

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