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Considering every conceivable need for families on the move internationally, Think Relocate winner Enjoy Education draws on a formidable network of experts to ensure every child thrives.

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Education is make-or-break for relocating families. Different curricula, capacity, approaches to learning and pastoral care, and affordability are just some of the factors that play into this complex – and critical – area. This is why the right support and expertise are so vital for assignment success.The winner of this important category, Enjoy Education, is a London-based private tuition, home-schooling and advisory service that specialises in resolving all these issues.It draws on a formidable network of hand-picked school advisers, private tutors and mentors to build completely bespoke and flexible education programmes for families and their children all over the world, with the goal of helping children become happy, confident life-long learners and global citizens.Every consideration is catered for. As well as creating completely tailored home-learning programmes based on careful assessment of each child’s needs, and offering expert advice on new schools, universities and courses around the world, Enjoy Education’s partnerships encompasses mental wellbeing specialists, mentors and subject tutors who can be mobilised at short notice.

Bespoke education services for globally mobile families

This holistic, family-centred service impressed the judges because it ensures the individual needs of every child are met and helps everyone thrive in their new location.
Relocate Virtual Awards Ceremony 2020
“Our programmes are tailored to the particular circumstances of each family,” explains Beatrice McKechnie-Rowe, Managing Director, Enjoy Education. “We comprehensively assess the needs of each student and get to know the family before constructing a bespoke timetable of one-to-one tuition, activities and support fully targeted at achieving a child’s education goals.“Over the past year, we have supported families relocating to the UK and other countries on both temporary and long-term bases,” continues Beatrice McKechnie-Rowe. “In some instances our programmes complement schooling; in others they have been a bridge between an old and new schooling system.”

Minimising the impact of relocation on education and schooling

Focusing on how Enjoy Education tailors programmes as family circumstances change across geographies, the judging panel said: “Enjoy Education clearly understand the impact on relocating families and the stress they are under with the multitude of things they have to do prior to and during the relocation process.Awards-Supplement-In-Text-Banner1“The emphasis on supporting families who have to split their time between various parts of the world is excellent. This prevents children’s education from disruption and helps assignees and their organisations complete assignments that involve considerable movement effectively, but without jeopardising children’s education.”Beyond the classroom, Enjoy Education offers a flexible “build your own” programme where families can select the services they need when they need them. These range from core services to assistance with exam registration and booking accommodation for tutors, ensuring costs are minimised. 

Total support and engagement through careful matching of teachers and students

Enjoy Education is also as people-focused and results-oriented when it comes to its own team. Enjoy Education hand-selectsfrom its pool of education specialists to ensure a close match of personalities, skills and experience. It is also passionate about learning initiatives across the company to engage and empower its people.Receiving the Think Relocate Award, Beatrice McKechnie-Rowe said, “Thank you so much. This means a huge amount and I’m super excited to take it back to the team at Enjoy Education who I know will be equally thrilled.“Working with families around the world is a huge privilege and now more than ever it’s important that they receive the right support and advice through this period of change.“It’s important to thank them first and foremost, but also our tutors, our teachers, our schools advisers and our families. That is why we are here; it is why we do what we do; and why winning this award means so much, so thank you again.”https://www.enjoyeducation.co.uk/

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