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Think Relocate winner IKAN Relocation Services India is pioneering new platforms for people relocating domestically in India, offering reassurance, efficiency and security in a diverse marketplace.

IKAN Relocation Services India, Relocate Award 2020 winner
Relocate Awards 2020 special supplement
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A key benefit of technology in the global mobility sphere is that it simplifies and validates information for assignees in a single source. In hugely culturally diverse countries like India, where talent mobility and retention are vital to this fast-growing economy and lump-sum relocation packages the norm, an added benefit is that technology offers reassurance, efficiency and security in a disparate marketplace.Think Relocate winner IKAN Relocation Services India is pioneering new platforms for people relocating domestically in India, offering reassurance, efficiency and security in a disparate marketplace.The winner of this award, VirtualRelo from IKAN Relocation Services India, is leading the way in employee-centred software that streamlines what can be a fraught and time-consuming self-managed move. It is bringing together all stakeholders in the process to streamline and add value to domestic relocation for all parties.

Innovative support for domestic talent mobility in India

Domestic talent mobility is commonplace in the world’s second most populous country. However, until now, India’s transferees have largely been left alone to manage their own moves in what is a relatively untapped market for in-country relocation services.
Relocate Virtual Awards Ceremony 2020
The judges were impressed by how IKAN Relocation Services India’s new interface genuinely focused solely on the transferees to make relocation easier and how in the process it is making moves more cost effective. They have designed a system that connects relocatees with only validated housing brokers and landlords, household goods packing and moving expertise, and that allows quote comparisons.  “IKAN acknowledges the issues faced in the Indian market and has strived to build a platform that tackles the problems employees face head on,” said the judges. “This platform is new to the Indian market, helping to smooth the relocation process for domestic transfers, aiding talent attraction, deployment and retention. It not only makes things easier and more cost effective for transferees but also protects them in what can be a very unscrupulous market.”Awards-Supplement-In-Text-Banner1

Helping assignees in India make stress-free moves

It achieves this by offering results tailored to meet every users’ needs and particular interests. Pre-approved personal lease assistance also accounts for local rental terms, norms and practices, reducing administrative burdens and legal risks.For employers, the VirtualRelo dashboard means mobility managers have complete oversight from a duty of care and cost perspective, as well as measures of employee satisfaction.This is enhancing transparency and trusted relationships all along the supply chain for the benefit of all, with supplier contracts measured through KPIs and constant updates on performance and areas for suggested improvements.

Building trust, transparency and feedback into the supply chain

To deliver a first for Indian domestic relocation, IKAN Relocation Services extended its more than two-decades’ expertise and the trusted partnerships nurtured during this time to the VirtualRelo development team. Taking two years to develop from conceptualisation to launch, VirtualRelo is the result of transparency, respect and honesty along with vertical and lateral flow of ideas, information and communication – values embedded in the employee-focused platform.Collecting the award, Diwakar Gupta, Jt Managing Director, IKAN Relocation Services India, said, “Wow! Thank you from the entire IKAN team and to our partners for helping us build this innovative product. I would like to dedicate this award to the thousands of corporate employees around the world who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. Employee mobility can only exist as long as they thrive. We are here to support you through these difficult times and we look forward to better days too. Thank you again.”https://ikan.com/

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