Relocate Awards break ground again in its 2020 virtual ceremony

The annual – and newly remodelled – Relocate Awards reflect today’s huge changes in global mobility and HR. The pioneering award ceremony celebrated those at the forefront of supporting people’s global careers.

Relocate Virtual Awards Ceremony 2020
Hosted by BAFTA-nominated journalist, Jayne Constantinis, the 2020 Relocate Awards proved to be yet another very successful and highly memorable event for two significant reasons: the launch of the new Think Relocate and Think Global People awards; and for achieving another first for the sector with the Relocate Global team’s delivery of a very successful virtual awards ceremony.

Awards with relevance and purpose

Global mobility’s’ first-ever accolades, the Relocate Awards' heritage and relevance for 2020 and beyond are assured after Relocate Global managing editor Fiona Murchie and head judge Dr Sue Shortland remodelled the awards for this year. “As we all know, change is a constant in today’s globalised world,’ said Dr Sue Shortland. “The Relocate Awards have served the global mobility community well for 12 years. “To prepare for new working practices, and to widen their relevance to all those involved in international management, the 2020 awards emphasise leadership in managing change efficiently and effectively. They also recognise the importance of value-adding activities for excellent organisational, employee and family outcomes.”“Fortunately, we were ahead of the game,” continued Dr Shortland. The Relocate Global team had to respond to the current COVID crisis and deliver another first for 2020; global mobility’s first successful virtual awards ceremony. 
Read Dr Sue Shortland's latest article:

Adapting to uncertainty with agility and leadership

Relocate Global translated the magic of the much-anticipated, annual celebration into a virtual digital experience that captured all the energy and excitement of Relocate Awards of years past, and retained the brilliant sense of community in the global mobility supply chain. Close to 300 guests attended the live transmission, with almost 500 registering and nearly 1000 people having now viewed on YouTube. They witnessed sponsors, supporters and judges presenting 15 Relocate Awards to winning entrants from all over the world.
The awards during lockdown - technology and innovation:
 “One of the best things about the show was the fact that people had taken part from all corners of the world,” says host Jayne Constantinis. “It gave it a global feel and yet, because we were in their homes, there was an intimacy about it.  And I think that was a real strength. I’ve hosted many live events, but never one from my office. I was very happy to be part of it. 
Jayne Constantinis presenting the Relocate Awards from home
BAFTA-nominated journalist, Jayne Constantinis, presenting the 2020 Relocate Awards from her home in London.
“I was impressed by the vision and creativity of Fiona and the team, by the excellent contributions of everyone who appeared on screen, and by the technical wizardry which went into making it happen. It was no mean feat, but they pulled it off with great skill and composure.”
Jayne Constantinis presents a Relocate Award
Another view: Jayne Constantinis, during the Relocate Awards ceremony
“We are very grateful to Jayne, who did a brilliant job, all our sponsors and supporters, the judges, Relocate Global team and everyone who joined us as winners for the announcements,” said Relocate Global managing editor, Fiona Murchie."The music was also really special with the superb retro band Bamboozle, returning from last year and contributing two original songs. The arrangement for a duo was just for the Virtual Awards, and they provided music throughout the ceremony, all recorded from their home in Kent" she explained.
Bamboozle perform for the 2020 Relocate Awards
Bamboozle perform for the 2020 Relocate Awards from their home in Margate

A truly global community

One of the trickiest aspects of any virtual ceremony was always going to be around how to make people feel included and part of the action. Yet, the 2020 Relocate Awards delivered. “I think the real challenge was to recreate the live event for the audience that shared viewing experience,” says video producer Leigh Emmerson, of production company Persistence of Vision.“I think we managed that, and it was lovely to see the comments rolling past and people were clearly engaged. It really is an international community.”He went on to say "I do feel we have been trail blazers with this project. No one has done anything quite like this before because before the pandemic no one needed to".
Leigh Emmerson of POV productions works on the virtual awards
Leigh Emmerson, video producer, works on the 2020 Relocate Awards
Judges, sponsors and presenters joined each either to say, “Although we are not physically together today, we are together in spirit. One interconnected global community working towards excellence in international management and mobility.”Guests were able to comment live on the on-screen action, an aspect clearly much appreciated by guests in their comments. “It was brilliant to see competitors in the market and in awards categories congratulating and supporting each other,” said Fiona Murchie. 
Richard Kelly, Associate Director at UBS presents an award, with the energetic live Awards chat to the right
Richard Kelly, Associate Director at UBS, presents an award, with the live YouTube Awards chat to the right

A truly global impact

“Relocate Global is known for our innovation, collaborative outlook and how we help to drive change,” Fiona continues. “The Relocate Awards were the first virtual awards in global mobility. It’s natural for us to keep driving forward and take our annual celebration to another level.” Holly Creed, co-founder of NextGen GM, says, “It’s amazing that Relocate Global has put together a virtual awards ceremony to bring global mobility professionals together for an opportunity to celebrate during these unprecedented times. “It is important that we all work together to help one another with the many different requests that are required of us all at present. It’s not just about the employees we send abroad, but showing that kindness and support to each other.”Speaking on behalf of the judges, Sue Shortland says, “This year’s awards attracted a wide range of firms from across the world, some operating locally, others regionally, yet others globally, but all showcasing brilliant achievements. Selecting the winners for each category was an inspiring undertaking for the panel of judges.”Fiona concludes, “As well as being hugely proud of the global mobility sector and the newest crop of Relocate Award winners, we are so grateful to our sponsors, supporters and judges, guests and everyone involved for making the new virtual awards ceremony happen so brilliantly. We look forward to 2021!”
Fiona Murchie closes the 2020 Relocate virtual awards ceremony
Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor of Relocate Global, closes the 2020 Virtual Relocate Awards ceremony

Find out more about the winners on the Relocate Awards 2020 homepage!

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