Think excellence: the purpose and vision of the Relocate and Global People Awards

The purpose of the Think Relocate and Think Global People Awards is to recognise and celebrate exceptional quality of service and positive people outcomes across a range of relocation, governance, leadership and management activities. Our vision is to promote excellence to ensure inspiring future outcomes for organisations, assignees and their families, and workforces across the world.

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Relocate Virtual Awards Ceremony 2020
Excellent quality and personal service is essential for organisational success. Although this is, of course, about delivering phenomenal quality to clients such that their positive experience generates additional business revenue and growth, this is not the whole picture. Success rests on staff engagement, and their passion and willingness to go the extra mile; it is this ethos that delivers exceptional organisational performance. The Think Relocate and Think Global People Awards therefore place emphasis on how organisations support their own people, leading, motivating and managing them in such a way as to bring out the very best in them, thereby resulting in exceptional organisational outcomes.

Talent management and the Relocate Awards: how to develop a committed, engaged and passionate workforce in today's increasingly global world

Both the Think Relocate and Think Global People Awards therefore recognise the importance of organisations having a committed, engaged, and passionate workforce, delivering exceptional quality work outcomes in an increasingly global and diverse marketplace. The Awards focus on recognising initiatives used within organisations to encourage, develop and motivate individuals and teams to achieve outcomes that delight customers – be these external clients, individuals, families or internal staff members. Leadership and management strategies and styles that increase staff loyalty, commitment, motivation and engagement, and improve team working are all crucial to ensure excellent people management outcomes.

How to manage change efficiently and effectively

Change is a constant in today’s globalised world and so the Think Relocate and Think Global People Awards also place emphasis on how organisations manage change efficiently and effectively. For those involved in the global mobility industry, for example, services must provide a responsive, resource-efficient and cost-effective service that responds professionally and successfully to change while improving the business outcomes and performance of client companies. Human resources must be used effectively to raise standards but also resourcefully to ensure costs are minimised. Cost cutting alone is likely to reduce quality and so the focus rests upon value-adding activities to deliver excellent organisational, employee and family outcomes.

Relocate Awards break ground again in its 2020 virtual ceremony

The Awards seek to acknowledge speedy and appropriate reactions to changed circumstances leading to the achievement of positive people outcomes and organisational benefits. Managing change is also about thinking ahead and so, in addition, they recognise proactive steps that demonstrate positive approaches put into place ahead of unplanned, unexpected and/or fast-moving change.Excellent strategic approaches drawing from the passion of a committed workforce, combined with confident and proactive approaches to managing change, can deliver a top quality, positive people management experience but this must also be personalised to the needs of today’s diverse employee populations. The Awards thus seek to recognise exceptional global people management experiences.

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Diversity in a globally mobile workforce

To address diversity in the relocating population and the workforce more generally requires thought being given to innovations that can improve assignee and employee experiences at the individual level. The implementation of appropriate policies must foster inclusion and so support must be tailored to individuals’ circumstances. This is crucial to raise the assignee/employee experience.

Research, sustainability and social responsibility

Research is necessary to understand best practice and how policy and practice are developing to better support relocating personnel and their families as well as the non-mobile workforce. The Think Global People Awards therefore also recognises excellence and innovation through research contributions. Through the collation and sharing of knowledge, the future of our assignee and workforce human resource practices will improve yet further. And looking ahead within the wider perspective of our global responsibilities to our people and our planet, the Awards also address the remit of sustainability and corporate social responsibility – for it is only by considering our actions within this wider context that we can really measure our successes.This year’s Think Relocate and Think Global People Awards attracted a wide range of firms from across the world, some operating locally, others regionally, yet others globally, but all showcasing brilliant achievements. We had a shortlist of 50 organisations all meriting recognition for their high quality services and amazing people outcomes. Selecting the winners for each category was an inspiring undertaking for the panel of judges. And we are delighted to report on the winners here.Dr Sue Shortland is a Senior Lecturer in HRM at the University of Westminster and also holds the honorary title of Professor Emerita at London Metropolitan University. She is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She holds external examiner positions at Sheffield Hallam University and Oxford Brookes University.She is an active researcher and has published widely in academic journals and practitioner publications. She is the author of five books in the field of HRM. Prior to working in Higher Education, Sue worked in a managerial consultancy role in international HRM at KPMG, and managed The CBI Employee Relocation Council.

Find out more about the winners on the Relocate Awards 2020 homepage!

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