Country Guide to Schools in Switzerland

Finding the right school is a top priority for relocating families. This Guide is designed for parents, employers and relocation professionals. It provides information about the top international schools in Switzerland, international education advice, information about choosing the best schooling option and applying for a school place.

Education & Schools in Switzerland

Education in Switzerland 2223

Education in Switzerland

Switzerland has always ranked as one of Europe’s best destinations for education. The choices include a highly rated state system, bilingual and international schools and an elite boarding school network.
Inter-community International School Zurich

Education in Switzerland

Switzerland has always been well regarded for its high standard of living. Globally mobile families are embracing the country’s way of life, its climate, its healthy outdoor lifestyle, and its excellent education provision.
Hastings International School Spain

Education in Europe

Helping a family to find a good school in their new location has never been more important. Time and again, research has proved that poor family adjustment is one of the biggest causes of assignment failure. We offer advice from school leaders and education consultants on choosing a school in Europe.

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Inter-community International School Zurich

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Relocate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools Supplement is packed with information on education around the world with expert tips for those relocating and the professionals supporting them.

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