Dialogue: Moving things forward together

The ‘Leadership: Future of Work‘ Hub was divided into two sessions. A workshop ‘Leading through dialogue’ led by Sarah Rozenthuler, leadership consultant, chartered psychologist and author, followed by a further interactive session on leadership challenges co-hosted with Dr Susan Doering.

Dialogue Moving things forward together
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The power of dialogue

Reflecting on her taster workshop Sarah Rozenthuler commented, “It was a high energy session here we shared success stories of making change happen through authentic dialogue.“Participants also had some coaching style conversations, where they asked open questions rather than give advice. People shared that, as a result, they shifted their thinking and identified some  actions, all within ten minutes. A great result!“Being surrounded by the beautiful Kent countryside and the expansive gardens is the perfect setting or thinking and talking together. Innovation is a collective endeavour and productive dialogue is  pivotal to generating fresh thinking.”Sarah drew on the experiences of Sir Tim Smit KBE, the Dutch-British founder of the Eden Project in Cornwall and the group considered what we could learn from this highly successful project that has become a beacon of sustainability. This in the context of leading change, which normally is quite  difficult, she explained with research telling us about 75% of change initiatives fail. “By looking at a success story we get some clues about what the success factors are and chief among them is having a good authentic dialogue,” she said.  She is under no illusion that, “many conversations are needed to create a shared vision.”

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Learnings for building shared meaning

The Eden Project illustrated for our international participants how we build shared meaning and connection to the purpose when working with different teams, skill sets, priorities, cultures, time zones and more:
  • Create a culture of dialogue within an organisation based on openness, respect and an approach rooted in working to achieve the shared vision
  • Realise there is a new generation entering the workforce who are motivated by purpose
  • Understand that there are often three to four generations working within teams, and that each generation has its own influences on its outlooks and approaches. Harnessing these levels of experience, along with the initiative and drive for change and progress, can be done through dialogue. Leaders of the future understand this.
The session included some practical tools on how you can have good dialogue that then creates positive sustainable change. Trying things out in a safe space, and understanding how you can apply these insights back in everyday work, make the experience more energising and meaningful, she confirmed.Asked for her top tip, she responded without hesitation, “to take care of the human side of change, it  is often overlooked. If you want to take hearts and minds with you then you really need to connect with people, attune to them and be present and take time to have a great conversation”.

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