An Australian education in Singapore

The Australian International School is the only southern-hemisphere school in Singapore that offers an Australian curriculum-based global education for students from the age of 2 months to 18 years.

Our AIS campus is centrally located and allows us to host all years at the one convenient location in Lorong Chuan. The campus is broken into 3 separate sub-schools that were purpose built to satisfy every student's needs.AIS’ truly international education begins with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) from Preschool to Year 5, Australian Curriculum for Years 6 to 8, Cambridge IGCSE in Years 9 and 10, and the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) for Years 11 and 12.The Australian International School, Singapore is an Education Destination. The school philosophy commits fully to the notion of a holistic, rounded education, which cherishes the arts and sports as well as academics as essential dimensions of each student’s education. AIS is equally committed to teaching our students to have a moral commitment to making the world a better place as reflective, caring, knowledgeable and principled people.

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GIESF-SIngapore-register-now-in-text-banner-replay AIS has adapted to the challenges COVID has presented through the strong support and unity of our amazing teachers and students. Everyone has done their part in following strict COVID restrictions put in place at the school such as social distancing, wearing masks at all times and safe entry check ins.

Early Years (2 months - 5 years)

In Early Years at AIS, we believe in creating the best foundation for your child. In the most important foundation years at AIS, the opportunities to learn, to be inspired, to grow and to develop are limitless. Providing the right setting is a key part of a successful foundation, which is why we have created a bespoke environment in our Early Learning Village for our youngest students that is innovative and creative, yet warm and most importantly purpose-built for them.
With over 25 years’ experience to draw upon, we know that young children learn best when they are at play, when they feel comfortable to ask questions and to explore possible worlds through their imaginations. Our unique curriculum draws on the principles of Reggio Emilia philosophy which places the child at the center of the learning experience.Our learning spaces guide each child’s exploration of the world around them, celebrating each child’s ideas, whether that be in mathematics and literacy, music and movement or learning a new language and our highly-experienced teachers work with our young students to uncover and develop their innate wonder and develop their love of learning.The inquiry-based approach of the IB Primary Years Programme is introduced from 3 years old, igniting curiosity and providing the foundation for success in the Elementary School.

Elementary School (6 years – 11 years)

AIS offers the world-recognised International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program which provides our students with an inquiry-led curriculum that is engaging, dynamic and challenging. Underpinned by Australian Curriculum standards, our students actively build on their knowledge and their understanding of the world around them. In taking increasing responsibility for their learning, they develop all the attributes that will lead them on to success in Secondary School.
At the Elementary School, your child will also participate in daily Mandarin lessons. Our well-developed program helps develop their interest in an additional language and steadily builds on their knowledge and understanding of Mandarin as well as Chinese culture.In line with providing a well-rounded education, our aim is for our students to be physically literate and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.Children in Prep to Year 5 in the Australian International School (AIS) have the opportunity to participate in different learning experiences through physical activities. The development of character on the sports field flows through into the classroom and our interactions with those around us, which is why we focus on the development of a healthy attitude to fitness through our Physical Education and competitive sports programs for all students.
AIS also has a 1:1 iPad program, which runs across the entire Elementary School from Prep to Year 5 has one single objective:  to improve each child’s educational outcomes throughout their childhood development through digital literacy.It is unlikely that your child will need to be taught how to use this technology, but instead can use their iPad to facilitate and extend their learning.  In this way, our teachers use technology to support the development of the digital education of each child through exploration, research, communication, photography and videography – they are even used to create a digital record of each child’s work through the School year.

Secondary (12 years – 18 years)

At AIS’ Secondary School, we aim to enable your child to flourish through university and beyond.A choice of either the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the Australian Higher School Certificate tailor pathways in our secondary school to support the ambitions of each child. The IGCSE curriculum, in Years 9 & 10, delivers academic rigour in preparation for these high challenge programs.The Australian International School proudly implemented an Athlete Development Program (ADP) at the start of 2015. The program is the first of its kind at an international school in Singapore and aims to enhance the Representative Sporting Program already firmly in place at AIS. Through the ADP we identify and develop potential and aspiring athletes, providing them with exceptional opportunities to achieve sporting excellence.At one of the best secondary schools in Singapore - the Australian International School (AIS), our Language Department are proud to offer a plethora of courses in Chinese, French, and Spanish which provide students with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the language and culture of the country they choose to study.
At every year level, from Year 6 through to Year 12, students hone their skills in the language macro areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, extending and refining their communicative abilities. The essential skills nurtured in their Language classes (such as analysis and memory skills) may then be applied across the curriculum in other subjects and also, importantly, outside of the classroom in real life situations whereby respecting, understanding and valuing other cultures is imperative.For those students for whom English is not their first language, we offer a comprehensive EAL (English as an Additional Language) programme which aims to improve English language skills and facilitate integration into school life.AIS is also one of the best international schools in Singapore to provide music education, our music teachers are dedicated to providing a rich and meaningful classroom music program that extends our students at every level, whilst instilling joy and understanding of Music as an art form. The Classroom music program is based on a carefully constructed scope and sequence of concepts and skills that continues throughout 13 years of school education in Early Years, Elementary School and Secondary School. We see this as a “spiral curriculum”. This means that the same 6 concepts/elements of Music are revisited 13 years in a progressively more complex and abstract manner within a variety of different contexts through performance, composition and listening.AIS is an established international school in Singapore, bedded in the Australian Values of Opportunity, Respect and Achievement. Everyday we live and breathe these values, ensuring our students can become the best version of themselves.Contact detailsAddress: 1 Lorong Chuan Singapore 556 818Tel: +65 6653 2958 (admissions)Tel: +65 6664 8127 (general enquiries)Email: and Social Media links (Facebook) (LinkedIn)@ais.singapore (Instagram)Watch the replay for the webinar Singapore as an Education Destination with Andre Casson, Head of School.(link to our Event page with Bio), The Australian International School (AIS) in conversation with Fiona Murchie.

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