ISL Surrey launches Global Thinkers Scholarship

ISL Surrey is launching a limited number of Global Thinkers Scholarships – substantial grants that will enable students that embody the spirit and values of ISL Surrey to study at the school.

ISL Surrey launches Global Thinkers Scholarships
A new Global Thinkers Scholarship has been launched at ISL Surrey. Find out about the school and how to apply in this interview with Sarah Partridge, ISL Surrey's School Leader.

Tell us a little more about ISL Surrey

ISL Surrey is an independent school for boys and girls aged 2 to 11, based on the Old Woking Road in Woking. It is a nurturing school - it has a big heart and committed to offering its students an intellectually demanding education that is designed to produce ‘Global Thinkers’.We believe our Global Thinkers will go on to be people who can adapt to and thrive in varying environments, responding positively to the challenges and benefits that an increasingly globalised world will bring.

How do you achieve this?

We have highly qualified and passionate staff who deliver a modern curriculum, drawing on best practice from around the world.
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We use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as a foundation for our enquiry-based projects, and have adopted the prestigious White Rose Mathematics curriculum (closely related to the Singapore Method) to ensure Mastery in numeracy for all students.Our exceptional literacy scheme comes from the Centre of Literacy and Primary Education’s ‘Power of Reading’ programme, while the Early Years Foundation Stage provides the basis for our ‘Outstanding’ preschool. As a learning-focused community, our staff actively engage in professional dialogue, constantly challenging ideas, and seeking better ways of extending their students’ thinking.
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For our students, school is more than just memorising facts and preparing for standardised tests. We ensure they have authentic opportunities to explore and put their learning into context. Key to this is the provision of opportunities to make real-life connections, to build deep understanding of nature, and to become proactive citizens who are fully cognisant of their role in protecting and sustaining the living world.Add to this our extensive facilities, our community partnerships, and our low student-to-staff ratio, and we have a school which is truly special.

How do you describe a student who is a ‘Global Thinker’?

At their core Global Thinkers are inquirers, asking significant questions, exploring local and global connections, and constantly seeking further opportunities to learn; they are able to understand multiple perspectives, confidently engage in respectful dialogue, and take responsible action that has a positive impact on the people and environment around them, and beyond!

How should families go about applying for a Global Thinker’s Scholarship?

Scholarships are available for a mid-year start in academic year 2018/19. For more information visit interested in applying should call the admissions department on +44 (0)1483 750409 to discuss and/or arrange a visit. Alternatively email .
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