Congratulations to the Class of 2021 on achieving the best set of IB Diploma results in Marymount’s history!

The experience of the IB Diploma Class of 2021 has been an extraordinary roller-coaster ride: the solid first semester of Year 1 of the Diploma was followed by three semesters of extended remote learning periods, uncertainty as whether students in Italy would sit a final set of  examinations and if there were no examinations how would grades be established.

Despite these pressures the students have delivered a stunning performance. The pass rate was 100%, and the grade point average was 37, the highest in the School’s history, with 30% of the class scoring 40 points and above. The class valedictorian, Noemi S., achieved a perfect score of 45 whilst three others scored 44. Just under 70% of the group scored in the top 25% worldwide, a phenomenal achievement for the students, their teachers, and the families who supported them throughout their Diploma studies.The students will now finalize their College selection from universities around the world including: New York University, University of California Berkeley, Boston University, and St. John’s University in the United States; University of Toronto, and McGill University in Canada; University College London, University of Edinburgh, Royal Holloway University, and King's College London in the United Kingdom; the Bocconi, and the LUISS in Italy; and several other universities in Northern Europe, the Netherlands, and Spain. Our graduates plan to pursue degrees in Medicine, Engineering, Law, International Relations, Politics, the Arts and more, reflecting the full spectrum of our talented students. Find all of the Class of 2021's College Offers here.We congratulate every member of the Class 2021 on their outstanding achievement and for their overall commitment to their education.

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