IB students around the world celebrate record exam results

Almost 160,000 International Baccalaureate (IB) students around the world received their results from the May 2017 examination session in early July, as the popularity of the IB continues to grow.

Students around the world celebrate record IB exam results
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme (DP) students around the world have received the results of the May 2017 examinations, joining a community of more than 1.6 million DP graduates in 152 countries worldwide.Globally, students received an average diploma score of 32.03 points (of 45 possible maximum), with a pass rate of 87 per cent. UK students received an average diploma score of 34.82 points, with 60 achieving a perfect score.This year's results see an increase of two points in the average score compared with 2016, with the largest number of examinations taken since the IB began in 1968. More than 577,600 examination papers were processed, in 79 languages.

What is the International Baccalaureate? 

The International Baccalaureate is a curriculum which caters for students aged from three to 19. It consists of three stages – the Primary Years Programme (from age three to 12), the Middle Years Programme (from age 14–16) and the Diploma (from age 16–19).It is increasingly popular with relocating families, owing to its academic reputation and international transferability.Students study a wide range of subjects up to diploma level. The IB focuses on each student as a whole person, which means that its programmes address not only intellectual development but also social, emotional and physical progress. It is known for encouraging students to become independent learners and critical thinkers. However, it tends to suit ‘all-rounders’, so children who excel in some subjects but struggle in others can find it very challenging.School search and education advice - connect with our in-country experts
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Schools around the world celebrate academic achievement

ACS Egham

ACS Egham is celebrating a 97 per cent pass rate and an average points score of 35.8. Said head Jeremy Lewis, “Our students have achieved incredible results, attained through hard work, determination and commitment. The class of 2017 have been a truly fantastic example to the school... Read more
“The entire cohort should feel immensely proud of all they have achieved with the IB Diploma Programme, and I know this will be a great springboard into the next chapter of their lives – academically, professionally and personally.” Read less

AIS Singapore

The 2016 IB cohort at AIS Singapore achieved a 100 per cent pass rate (the average global pass rate is 70 per cent) with an average of 34 points. Six students achieved 40 points or more, with one student achieving 44 out of 45 possible points available... Read more
AIS is the only school in Singapore to offer both the IB and the Australian HSC curricula, students undertaking the IBDP or the HSC depending on their areas of strength and future aspirations. Read less

Bangkok Patana

Bangkok Patana was celebrating its highest ever average score of 35 points (out of a possible 45) for the IB Diploma. An outstanding 100 per cent pass rate was achieved, something they are very proud of as a non-academically selective school... Read more
The exclusive “40 club” was joined by 22 per cent of the graduating cohort who achieved a score of 40 points or more putting them in a special group of just 5 per cent of candidates worldwide. One student, Benjada (Nucky) Korprasertsri, joined only 218 students worldwide with a perfect score of 45 points. Nucky is also the recipient of the prestigious Jardine scholarship and will go on to read Mathematics at Cambridge. Read less

Box Hill School

Box_Hill School
Box Hill School was thrilled that this year the total value added per student across the IB Diploma Programme was just below +3 per student. The UCAS points average of 163.3 across the entire cohort was equivalent to A* A* A at A Level... Read more
The highest score was 38 points across six subjects, gained by Iacopo Del Panta Ridolfi, who received the UCAS points equivalent of 4 A* grades at A Level. The head of IB at Box Hill School, Mr Julian Baker, commented, “Once again, our students have done themselves and Box Hill School proud. Given that we are a non-selective school, the fact that three quarters of our students achieved point scores higher than the international average of 29 is a fantastic achievement and a testament to their hard work and that of their teachers.” Read less

British School of Brussels

BSB IB results
The British School of Brussels was celebrating another record year of IB results with an average IB Diploma point score of 37 points. The school achieved a 100 per cent pass rate for the fourth year running and 32 per cent of students achieved the Diploma with 40 points or more, with two students obtaining 44 points... Read more
Gary Minnitt, head of Secondary School and vice-principal, said, “We are immensely proud of the range of individual success, knowing the journey that these students have been on. These grades are a real testimony to the hard work and dedication of students and staff alike, as well as the excellent support we enjoy from parents. These results will now open doors to another world for these students. Congratulations to everyone and the very best for the future.” Read less

Fettes College

At Fettes College 56 per cent of students received a 7/6 in IB subjects. “These results reflect the hard work and dedication of our students and staff and are all the more noteworthy when taken in the context of the wealth of musical, sporting and extra-curricular endeavours our Fettesians are involved in,” said headmaster, Geoffrey Stanford.

Haileybury School

Haileybury Terrace
Haileybury An independent school in Hertfordshire has completed another successful year of IB results. Averaging a point score of 36.1, the pupils will be setting off to top universities around the world. Pupils have achieved a collective average point score of 36.1 points out of a possible 45 – the equivalent of 68 per cent A*/A at A Level. Read more
The average point score for pupils who sit the IB all over the world is 29.95 points. Twenty-three percent of pupils achieved a particularly impressive score of 40 points or more out of 45.Joe Davies, Haileybury’s headmaster said, “Congratulations to all of our IB Diploma pupils for their well-earned results, which are testament to their hard work and effort. We are very proud of everything they have achieved and wish them lots of luck for the next chapter of their lives beyond Haileybury.” Read less

Headington School

Headington School IB results
https://www.headington.org/Headington School is today celebrating its seventh year of top International Baccalaureate results, with one girl scoring full marks. Davina Chu, 18, is one of just 0.3 per cent of students worldwide to achieve the maximum possible marks of 45/45. Two other pupils, Petra Bachrati and Bryony Fyffe scored 44/45 marks, both securing their places at Cambridge University, Petra to study Medicine and Bryony to study History. Read more
Headington School has consistently been in the top 10 IB schools in the UK since the School began offering the qualification alongside A Levels in 2009. Today two thirds of the girls taking the qualification achieved 40 points or more out of a possible total of 45. Of the 127,000 students around the world who sit the IB, only six per cent will achieve a result of 40 or more points. To gain the Diploma, candidates must score at least 24 out of a possible 45 and this year Headington girls gained a fantastic average point score of 39.5, an increase on last year’s average points score of 39.3. Read less

International Community School, London

International Community School, London, celebrated its 2017 gradation ceremony this year at the Dorchester Hotel. Our 2017 IB results gives us a three year average of 34 points and we again scored a 100 per cent pass rate. Rose Threlfall, head of School said. Graduates have achieved above international norms and are now embarking on university courses of their choice in the UK, the USA and other international destinations. We are a proud IB Diploma school and celebrate the achievements of our graduates alongside all other IB graduates worldwide.

ISL London

Of the IB Diplomas awarded to ISL London students, 70 per cent were for bilingual diplomas – awarded when a student studies two languages at ‘mother tongue’ level (in Group 1, language and literature) or when a student studies a mother tongue that is not English... Read more
“It is continued testament to our success in supporting multilingualism in the IB Diploma,” the school said on its website. Read less

Kent College Canterbury

Kent College
Kent College Canterbury was celebrating an outstanding average score of 37 points (equivalent to three A*s and an A at A level), likely to place the school amongst the top IB schools in the UK again this year. One student, Alice Scharmeli scored a perfect 45 points and will study Medicine at Wadham College, at the University of Oxford... Read more
Head Girl, Emily Insanally scored an impressive 44 points which has secured her place at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge to study Economics. Head Boy, Robbie Whittaker also achieved 44 points and a place at St Hugh’s College, Oxford to read History.Executive head master, Dr David Lamper said, “I am delighted for the students who have worked hard and done so well in achieving places at top universities, and I am grateful to colleagues for their efforts to make sure that the success already enjoyed by A level students is shared with those studying the IB Diploma.” Read less

Marymount International School, London

Marymount International School, London was also celebrating excellent results, with 25 per cent of students scoring 40 points and above, which is higher than A*A*A*A* at A Level and is typically only achieved by 5 per cent of students worldwide.

Marymount International School, Rome

More than half of the IBDP students at Marymount International School, Rome were awarded the Bilingual Certificate. With a 100 per cent pass rate and an average points score of 34, the school has much to celebrate as it marks a record set of results... Read more
IBDP Graduate, Špela Kunstelj, said, “Throughout my two years as an IB Diploma candidate I have learned far more than the subject matter. Not only did I gain theoretical knowledge but also a better understanding of current events based on that knowledge which has allowed me to be more proactive in my community about important issues.For example, in all of my courses we discussed environmental issues, which encouraged me to pursue this topic for my Extended Essay. This later became the main topic of my TEDx talk in Bologna on the importance of water conservation. The IB not only shaped my academic life, yet encouraged me to also consider my local and global community and the impact of my actions on both.” Read less

Nord Anglia Education

Nord Anglia Education announced record results: a 94 per cent pass rate from the 696 students across the Nord Anglia network of schools that took the IDBP. The average points score was 33 and four Nord Anglia students received the full 45 marks... Read more
Andrew Fitzmaurice, chief executive officer of Nord Anglia Education said, “We are extremely proud of our students’ IB results this year. Our remarkable 94 per cent pass rate is a testament to our Be Ambitious philosophy and the belief that there is no limit to what every student can achieve. Congratulations to all our students on their terrific IB Diploma results.” Read less

Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks School
Sevenoaks School had one of the largest 2017 IB cohorts in the world and they are celebrating record results with an average point score of 40. Nineteen students achieved the maximum 45 points, with 32 securing 44 points and another 27 securing 43 points. Nearly 65 per cent of the cohort achieved 40 points or more – an exceptional result... Read more
the head, Dr Katy Ricks, said,“We are once again delighted by our students’ performance. These exceptional results are a validation of the school’s ethos and approach to learning. A parent said to me only this week: 'Sevenoaks teaches its students how to think.” Read less

Southbank International School, London

Southbank Diploma Programme graduates have received offers for universities around the world including: Barnard College, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University and many more.There were 59 students taking IB Diploma examinations this year, with an outstanding 100 per cent pass rate. Students achieved an average score of 36.1 above the global pass rate of 30. Of this year’s entrants 17 per cent achieved 42 points or above which puts them in the top three per cent worldwide. 25 per cent of our students scored 40+ points, three students gained 44 points, a feat achieved by only 0.6 per cent of students worldwide. Southbank is also extremely proud to announce that one student gained a remarkable 45 points.

The American School in England

The American School in England (TASIS) is proud to announce that their IB Diploma students achieved a 100 per cent pass rate. In addition, 57 percent of the candidates earned a bilingual diploma, demonstrating readiness for university-level study in two languages... Read more
With 72 percent of their exams graded at 5 or above, the 2017 cohort averaged an overall point score of 32. IB Coordinator Stephanie Feo Hughes commented, “We are very proud of our students who not only dedicated themselves to their academic studies, but also fully embraced the IB's mission through the development of meaningful CAS projects and continued service to their communities.” Read less
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Why is the IB's popularity increasing?

The results come at the same time as a report from ACS International Schools and the IB Schools and Colleges Admissions Association (IBSCA) has shown that university admissions officers believe that the IB is best for ‘encouraging a global outlook’ and ‘nurturing an open mind’. “In today’s increasingly fractious and challenging world, encouraging a global outlook and nurturing an open mind must surely take a greater significance in schools than ever before, and it’s interesting to see how highly the IB is considered in this respect,” said ACS's Jeremy Lewis.Dr Siva Kumari, director general of the IB said, “Every six months, we are extraordinarily privileged to witness what [students] have collectively achieved to meet some of the highest international learning standards in education. The IB’s preparation for entry to higher education is second to none and, in recognition of this, the world’s finest universities welcome DP graduates as academically well-prepared humanists, who will make mindful contributions to our world today and in years to come.”The popularity of the IB looks only likely to increase in the future as globally mobile families seek an internationally transferable curriculum. Congratulations to all of the schools and students.If you're an educationalist looking to find out more about the IB, the IB Global Conference from 26–28 October will discuss and develop ideas on international education.
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