Flexibility and Choice: The 2024 Think Global People and Relocate Awards

We are excited to announce that The Think Global People & Relocate Awards for 2024 are taking Flexibility & Choice as their overarching theme. Dr Sue Shortland, head judge, explains the rationale for the 2024 Awards, the categories we are launching this year and the judging process


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Today, the attraction, motivation and retention of the very best talent relies upon tailoring the provision of employee rewards and benefits to reflect each and every distinct contribution that individuals bring to the workplace.This mirrors the need to deliver products and services that reflect the varied needs and desires of customers, who also bring distinct profiles which must be addressed to ensure complete satisfaction. If organisations are to prosper, grow and gain an excellent brand image, so flexibility and choice must shine through their activities within and beyond the workplace.The Think Global People and Relocate Awards are designed to recognise and reward organisations which provide unique and exceptional quality experiences for their customers. They also focus on the demonstration of a responsive, resource-efficient and cost-effective service, differentiated from others. To recognise and reward organisations for their leadership and people management practices, the Awards also cover how employees are supported by their leadership team to deliver innovative and inspirational service in an increasingly global and diverse marketplace. In essence, those entering the Awards will need to demonstrate how they address these key issues, with a focus on ensuring and delivering flexibility and choice.


Given the focus today on delivering flexibility for the workforce to foster engagement and encourage innovation, which flow through into top-quality choices for customers, it is crucial to develop organisational cultures that not only promote these objectives, but also celebrate their success. And what better way to do this than to win our prestigious Award that recognises everybody’s contribution and celebrates this with a beautiful trophy and a June celebration Awards ceremony.The Think Global People and Relocate Awards recognise the contribution of global leaders, managers and industry experts, HR and mobility professionals and service providers, all of whom rely on their employees to deliver exceptional outcomes.All sizes and scopes of operation are addressed through the Awards from global delivery, through regional coverage to local country focus. This is important as we know that all organisations from the smallest operating at a single-country level can provide superb service exceeding customer  expectations and providing excellent employee engagement just as can the very largest corporations that span the globe.The Think Global People Awards address leadership issues while the Relocate Awards focus specifically on global mobility. However, we recognise there can be considerable overlap between these and so the Awards recognise this through an integrated approach to organisational leadership, people management and the need to move employees and their families to achieve organisational objectives. This is demonstrated in the Awards Entry Diagram.


For 2024, the Awards will be divided into the following categories*:
  • Excellence in global mobility/global policy design/implementation
  • Destination services provider of the year – local/global
  • Best serviced apartment provider – local/global
  • Excellence in technology or analytics
  • Excellence in talent development, deployment, & engagement
  • Excellence in education – schools/education consultancy
  • Excellence in family support
  • Best research contribution or book
  • Excellence in ESG – environmental, social & governance
*For full details of each Award profile, click on the link for each of these.  Here you will find a full description of each Award profile and the entry form that you should use.


Awards entrants are required to provide an entry statement summarising succinctly in no more than 500 words, how they:
  1. provide a unique, exceptional quality experience, including relevance to global mobility
  2. provide a responsive, resourceefficient and cost-effective service, differentiated from others in the field, that delivers choice
  3. are supported by your leadership team to deliver an innovative, inspirational and flexible service in an increasingly global and diverse marketplace.
The entry statement should say what makes your entry inspirational in how you deliver flexibility and choice and why you should win this award category.Entrants are also asked to provide:
  1. one video (maximum of 2 minutes) to demonstrate the character of their organisation, supporting their entry statement.
In addition, one page (maximum) of supporting documents/materials to support your entry may also be included.Awards-2024-top-tips-webinar-intext


It is important for those entering the awards to know that their entry will be judged by a team of experts in Global Mobility, Human Resource Management and leadership, including practitioners and academics. Each category will be judged by two or three independent experts who have no conflicts of interest. All judges are required to declare any potential conflict of interest and they are excluded from judging entries should this arise.It is also important for entrants to know that each of the four points listed above can attract a score of 25 points, such that all entries are scored out of a possible 100. Thus, entrants should ensure that they do address each of the four points above, including by supplying a video. This need not be a corporate marketing video. Indeed, a personal presentation of how your organisation fulfils the entry criteria is better as the judges can see how this supports the statements made in the written entry form.Entrants are politely requested not to exceed the maximum evidence permitted – just one short video please, and the entry should not contain multiple website links. Please do keep to the  stipulated word count. Your entry should be summarised succinctly to demonstrate convincingly your achievements, as should the single page of supporting materials, rather than relying on additional sources to make the points for you.Judges work independently to review the evidence submitted before comparing their outcomes and agreeing on the winner. Where there is a tie or opinions differ, the entries are reviewed by a third judge and/or the head judge.The judging panel is looking forward to hearing about your amazing achievements. Good luck!


Tips for entering the awards in this new podcast.



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