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Our new Winter issue of Think Global People/Relocate is now available to download, with lively editorial coverage of events and conferences in the last quarter. Don’t miss the latest hot topics and trends across global mobility and international leadership around the world.  Discover new organisations that are responding to market growth and making the global mobility agenda their own as they respond to skills shortages.On the education front, discover how schools are pushing the boundaries to meet the opportunities of the future for their pupils around the world with career ambitions that know no bounds. Discover why it is not too late for British schools to look for international opportunities. Catch the latest webinars in our Autumn International Education & Schools’ Fair and meet the Featured Schools that understand how to welcome international families on an international assignment and relocating children to thrive in their new environment throughout the year. Perfect timing to support parents making education choices in the New Year.

New Podcast Series

We invite you to enjoy our new Podcast Series and get up to speed with global mobility and international leadership challenges and opportunities.Leadership-podcast-intextGM-podcast-intext

Mini Factsheet resource

For those new to global mobility or looking for an accessible overview, don’t miss our new Mini Factsheet to download on Keep up with each topic series to plug your knowledge gaps or share with stakeholders and clients to support your business case.Mini-Factsheets-intext

Webinar replay resource to celebrate your journey and the power of creativity and storytelling

It is nearly the end of the year, so take a moment to reflect on your own professional journey with Paul Williamson, Group Head of Talent Development, Ambassador Theatre Group, talking about his delightful and insightful book ‘Pheasant Dreams’. Enjoy this webinar replay ‘The Journey: How the arts, creativity and story telling can unlock profound insight for everyone’. Enjoy the fabulous illustrations also by Paul Williamson and share with your team as you explore your own learnings and achievements in 2023 and plan for 2024.the-journey-pheasant-dreams-paul-williamson-webinar-intext

In this issue:

What does 2024 hold for global mobility?
Ledetta Asfa-Wossen
Building a borderless and inclusive world of work
Ledetta Asfa-Wossen
Gearing up to realise AI’s productivity gains
David Sapsted
The UK hosts the first global AI Safety Summit
Ledetta Asfa-WossenAI: technological transformation, upskilling and organisational design
Ruth Holmes
How AI is transforming and reshaping skills
Ledetta Asfa-Wossen
Computational thinking for an AI age
Ledetta Asfa-Wossen
The role of HR in change management: Key issues and priorities
Dr Sue Shortland
The great disconnect: realigning employer & employee expectations
Ledetta Asfa-Wossen 
All go ESG agenda: what it means for organisations
Marianne Curphey
Opening up about mental wellbeing at work
Ruth HolmesInclusive wellbeing: Managing Menopause
Ruth Holmes
The impact of property turmoil on global mobility
Marianne Curphey
The role of employee and family relocation support in the current cost of living crisis
Dr Sue Shortland
Innovation, quality & cost: strategic separation or integration for organisational success?
Dr Sue ShortlandHow are cost pressures and supply shortages affecting the global mobility market?
Marianne CurpheyWhere next for UK immigration policy?
David Sapsted
Working remotely abroad: policy and talent implications
Dr Sue Shortland
Awards 2024 – Flexibility and choice
Dr Su
e ShortlandTen lessons for British schools expanding internationally
Sally Robinson
Supporting international students’ wellbeing at university
Ruth HolmesNavigating the path to Oxbridge
Oxbridge Applications
SPAN Symposium shines light on student wellbeing
Ruth HolmesInside Qatar's Education City
Ledetta Asfa-Wossen

Explore more education news from the November International Education and Schools' Fair.

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