Building a borderless and inclusive world of work

How can organisations create a more inclusive world of work that is truly borderless was the theme of this year’s Beyond Borders, a global mobility event held in London on October 17.

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Hanna Asmussen, CEO and founder of Localyze, opened the event by discussing the critical role global mobility plays in the ever-changing future of work and explored what happens when companies invest in global mobility.“The future of work will entail jobs that span across borders,” she said. And, despite the back to office headlines, the last couple of years have accelerated a change towards more cross border work.20 years ago, the global mobility industry was built for and centred around senior executives. Today, 80% of millennials want to spend part of their career abroad and most companies expect their volume of international hires to increase, warned Asmussen.

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But in many ways, the relocation industry still needs to adapt, particularly when it comes to software, automation, processing and customer centricity to accommodate the growth in global people but also to sufficiently cater to a rise in employee expectations.According to Gartner, by the end of 2026, democratisation of technology, together with the digitisation and automation of work, will increase total available fully remote/hybrid jobs to 64% of all employees, up from 52% in 2021.How is tech being used by global organisations to break down barriers? How will changing immigration regulations impact talent recruitment? And, what does the future hold for global mobility? These were just some of the many topics covered by experts on the day.You can find our full report coverage in our upcoming Winter 2023 issue of Think Global People.Beyond Borders event image

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