Online Harrovians achieving in more than their academies

Being part of Harrow School Online not only demands a high academic ability from its pupil’s but we also seek to develop independent thought, intellectual curiosity and other qualities towards a of life of leadership and personal fulfilment. Pupils at the School are actively encouraged to cultivate their passions outside of academia. Here are just some of the activities and passions that our pupils are following in addition to their studies at the School.

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In September 2021, Omar, a year 12 student studying four demanding A Levels, completed the gruelling 85km London to Brighton cycle ride. At 17, he was one of the youngest contestants to take part. Omar, only started cycling regularly in January 2021 and trained intensively in preparation for the event.  Omar says, “I don’t think any other school is as flexible and supportive as Harrow School Online is, I have been able to do all my sport commitments whilst maintaining my high academic results. I am very happy that I played my part in raising money for Macmillan cancer research. I picked this charity as I have a personal relation to it because one of my family members had cancer.” His aspirations do not end here. Omar aims to undertake the London to Brighton cycle again this year and hopes to bring together a team from Harrow School Online. Omar says: “I am really proud ... what made me happier is that the school’s daily structure enabled me to do it.” Tray-Sean, a published author, TedEx Speaker and Online Harrovian, won the Young Innovators award at the Potential Unlocked Awards in October 2021. Tray-Sean’s win was down to the advice and support he gives others on finances, mindset, and motivation, largely through his Instagram and LinkedIn channels. He says: "I am really passionate about this as I think it's something very important for people of all ages to have an understanding of how the world works through finances.” Understanding finances has helped Tray-Sean, who is also a trader, take control of his finances and see how he could set himself up for success. “I was then able to see how the learnings are applicable across all areas of life and decided to not only get my finances in check but everything … trading takes a lot of self-discipline which has had a knock-on effect in all areas of my life.” So, what’s next for Tray-Sean? Aside from his A Level studies, he is revamping his trading mastermind groups and has another book coming up.Tray-Sean says: “The flexibility of Harrow has allowed me to pursue all of my interests whilst being able to further my education.” Online Harrovian and talented young poet Aditi, has penned an inspiring new poem about bravery, freedom, questioning and speaking up.  Leap Into Courage was included in an end-of-month assembly, and transformed into an uplifting video made by Aditi, with the support of her fellow student Juan. The poem’s release follows 16-year-old Aditi’s recent successes as one of 85 commended poets in the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award, and a writer published for National Poetry Day. Aditi makes regular contributions to the school beyond her academic work, including contributions to the Schools online newspaper - Online Harrovian.Explore more of Aditi’s work as a spoken word artist on her YouTube channel SaveOurWorldIf you are interested in applying to Harrow School Online, you can find out more at 
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