How effective is online tutoring?

As the world has changed dramatically over the last two years so have attitudes and feelings around online learning, this is also true for Online Tutoring. As tutoring has traditionally always been focused on face-to-face delivery, a recent survey by Bramble has shown that there has been a shift in attitude towards the adequacy of remote education.

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84% of students surveyed said they found online provisions more effective, or as affective as the in-person alternative and 75% of parents, tutors and organisations declared it to be at least as effective as in-person tutoring. This suggests that the education community is quickly adapting to the use of innovative technologies and open to exploring new digital ways of teaching and learning.  At Harrow School Online we believe that virtual learning can and does provide a complete school experience with a wide range of benefits, and this seems to be corroborated by recent research findings too. When asked about the main benefits of online learning, tutors, students, and parents were quite unanimous in the benefits they shared and agreed on. 

The benefits of online tutoring 

Online support opens up a new world of focus and flexibility:  
  • Learners build knowledge and confidence in the comfort of their own home 
  • The teaching environment is safe, secure and consistent, with no interruptions 
  • Pre-tutoring tests build a detailed, accurate picture of learner ability 
  • Tailor-made digital tools track progress in an instant, for exceptional feedback 
  • Intelligently spaced learning techniques enable the maximum retention of content 
  • Flexibility of lesson scheduling
  • Pupils can return to their lesson recordings and resources any time, at a pace that best suits their needs 
  • Class sizes are smaller than in-school classes
  • Geographical constraints, and concerns around COVID-risks, are entirely removed 
The opportunities for learners to grow and thrive are wide and far-reaching, thanks to abundant developments in the field of digital learning, online support for pupils has never been better. At Harrow School Online, we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching and resources, enabling learners to talk with expert tutors in real time, share leading resources, and access fully personalised support.  The new tutoring and revision programmes at Harrow School Online are open to Harrovians and non-Harrovians alike, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses with precision, targeting any relevant gaps in learning, and accelerating subject knowledge for GCSE and A Level.  This programme is aimed at pupils focused on A Level A*/A and B grades and GCSE 9 - 7 grades for Pearson Edexcel specifications.Our online tutoring programme consists of a minimum of 10 sessions, along with a full suite of lesson materials and assessments. 
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