Relocate Awards Winners Announced

Winner of the 2021 Think Global People Award for Best Research Contribution, Thought leadership or Book

Winner of the 2021 Think Global People Award for Best Research Contribution

Winner: Santa Fe Relocation for research contribution

This award is for contributions to global people management research and thought leadership. Innovative contributions which have practical implications, impact and contribute to advancement of knowledge or theory.

The award was presented by Dr Sue Shortland, Head of the Judging Panel. She is a Senior Lecturer in HRM at the University of Westminster and holds the honorary title of Professor Emerita at London Metropolitan University.

The judges said, “The survey report ‘Repurpose: Challenging Change’ is comprehensive, detailed and exceptionally helpful, for global mobility professionals and others involved in international assignments and relocation. Excellent for sharing understanding and practice and taking our knowledge forward as we work our way through the pandemic with new insights.”

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Why did Santa Fe Relocation win the award? Read article from the 2021 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.

Peter Graham, Santa Fe Relocation
The award was collected by Peter Graham, Santa Fe Relocation

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