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Winner of the 2022 Think Global People for Excellence in Technology or Analytics: Local Solutions: Icon Relocation
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This article is taken from the 2022 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.
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 Icon Relocation positions its analytics suite as an antidote to chaos. It gives Global Mobility professionals and assignees unprecedented levels of information on UK property, using data analytics to identify suitable properties and trends in a helpful and efficient way.

As a relocation service provider, the team can now collect, collate and coordinate a data tsunami, transforming it into a single, cohesive, useable information stream. Even third-party suppliers like landlords and maintenance teams are happier because they have clearer and better-managed tasks.

For assignees, Icon Relocation’s approach provides the information needed to make more effective choices even before they leave their home country. Assignees have access to a live feed of destination properties, pre-sorted for their requirements. This helps to manage expectations, reduce stress for assignees and save clients time and money, as well as enable consultants to provide more tailored support.

Overall, the judges felt the technology – with its focus on duty of care and wellbeing – was very innovative, offers a streamlined solution to understanding the employee onboarding process and supports continual improvement. It helps clients and employees make decisions quicker, saving time and money in a highly pressurised process.

Responsive and reliable

The intuitive app simplifies assignees’ lives while delivering a rich and accurate data harvest for Icon to analyse. The data Icon Relocation collects as assignees go through the decision-making process creates a feedback loop that improves assignee experience with every iteration. Every item of data gives better insight into how to deliver better outcomes for the assignee.

The suite has also revolutionised self-managed assignees’ viewing days. Based on assignees’ real-time responses, Icon Relocation can now add and remove viewings on the day. This means less time wasted viewing properties the client probably won’t like.

Icon Relocation has also developed tools to constantly monitor for incomplete or outdated information, again massively reducing stress for all involved.

This service has significantly improved business outcomes for Icon Relocation’s multinational clients in fundamental ways. Global Mobility professionals now have reliable analytics based on full data, meaning they can manage relocation programmes more efficiently and be confident they are exercising their duty of care.

Innovation combined with duty of care

“The technology has not only streamlined the home search process, but also enhanced it to offer clients continuous improvement for their employee experience and wellbeing,” commended the judges. “It is a responsive solution that benefits assignees and their employers by creating a very smooth relocation experience. This is how Global Mobility and technology always need to partner.”

They elaborated, “Icon’s technology assists assignees in planning their home search and viewings, helps to provide a more personalised service, and enables them to make more effective choices. These efficiencies not only reduce the amount of hours invested in home search and the pre-selection process, but will also help GM coordinators identify trends that will lead to further efficiencies and cost control.”

Receiving the award, Simon Johnston, CEO Director – Icon Relocation, said: “First, I'm really proud for our technology team. For them to get this recognition for what they've built is amazing. The technology was built with everybody in the company's involvement. Having that recognition is also just wonderful for the team. We can show our clients that we are on to something really interesting, that it's a great platform and we have some really great data analytics. It's one of these lovely feelings and sort of win-win: everybody gets something very positive out of it. I'm incredibly pleased.” Visit the Icon Relocation website

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