Ann Ellis Mauve Group Awards Winner 2023

Excellence in Global Mobility, Global Policy Design or Implementation

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Solutions innovated over the past three decades, enhanced by technology, enable charity partners to respond to challenges efficiently

Established for 27 years, Mauve group is a pioneer and leader of the thriving employer of record (EoR) business. The global HR and employment solutions provider’s award-winning example reflects how it dovetails at pace with its large and diverse roster of international clients to meet their global mobility and strategic goals – and in a way that aligns with their unique purpose in this era of unstable geopolitics and heightened sensitivity to environmental and social governance.

Not-for-profit (NFP) organisations account for the second largest segment of Mauve’s business, which overall supports clients in over 70 different sectors. Its solutions, innovated over the past three decades and now enhanced by technology as well as human know-how, enable its charity partners to respond to immediate and longer-term challenges efficiently.

They are ensuring NFP workers’ compliance as they lend their support to international aid projects, including those to improve global infrastructures.

Purpose-driven solutions

Importantly, Mauve’s solutions allow charities to devolve decision-making to regional hubs. This puts control back in the hands of those who uniquely understand local needs. In one such example, Mauve’s EoR solution is supporting the Overseas Development Institute Global’s (ODI) “decolonising mission and move away from being UK-centric”. Mauve is employing and transferring workers overseas in places where ODI does not yet have their own entities. In South Africa too, Mauve’s engagement with the NFP, Ashoka Africa, means the charity can extend its impact cost-effectively and bring change-making social entrepreneurship to South Africa.

Mauve offers more than just compliance around employment and taxation. It cost-effectively takes on NFPs’ duty of care for those seconded onto international projects. This includes in many of the world’s riskiest and most remote locations. Leveraging its deep expertise and buying power, Mauve’s range of services is backed by its “industry gold-standard” Global Master insurance programme. This covers internationally-assigned workers in line with local requirements, like employers’ liability insurance, and in countries where other global insurers will not offer protection.

Befitting a company that started out in the telecommunications sector, technology is at the heart of how Mauve offers clients world-leading service. The MauveInsight portal is supporting clients in the time-critical NFP sector by at least halving onboarding times. The portal is accessible from anywhere and workers can access their employment documentation from even the remotest locations.

Mauve’s approach is making a significant impact for Comic Relief, where it ensured a worker was deployed within 48 hours against the standard 7 days. In the Ukraine too, Mauve has helped business continuity among its clients – safeguarding livelihoods for the people leaving the country – through its EoR solutions.

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The award was collected by Ann Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder of Mauve Group

Inspirational approaches for driving real change

Explaining why Mauve won the award, head judge Dr Sue Shortland said, “Given the nature of volatility in the current geopolitical world, and the need for organisations to ensure mobility globally, this innovative employment solution provides an inspirational approach for all organisations wishing to operate effectively without jeopardising compliance requirements.”

Presenting this award, sponsor KPMG’s Demetra Marcantonio, director of global mobility services, said: “This award is important to us because, as our Great Expectations report shows, global mobility is critical to employees’ changing needs. It is essential to meeting organisational strategies.”

Collecting the award, Mauve Group’s CEO and co-founder, Ann Ellis, said: “I’m so thrilled. I know the team that put this application together will be absolutely thrilled as well. Thank you so much.”

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