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We invite you to join our Think Women community and share your ideas and knowledge around how to make a difference to your own career and the lives of girls and women around the world.


Above: Vlatka Hlupic, keynote speaker at Think Women, March 2020. International management expert, academic and author of The Management Shift and Humane Capital.

Think Global People Autumn 2020 issue
This article is taken from the first issue of Think Global People, the new home of Relocate Magazine.
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The McKinsey Global Institute’s July report, COVID-19 and gender equality: Countering the regressive effects, helps to shine a light on the way forward and provides a backbone for the Think Women community. I urge you to read it, together with the wealth of other reports and surveys across different sectors that reach similar conclusions and highlight how women are most likely to shoulder the impact of the downturn resulting from the pandemic. You will find some of them on the website in the Diversity & Inclusion and Think Women sections.For three years we have celebrated International Women’s Day in early March with a live event in London, which has grown in size and commitment each year. Our editorial coverage and online content have also increased sizeably. We now have a bank of resources and editorial that illustrates the individual and group experience of professional women in the workplace and in an international context.We already have a community of 45,000 monthly online website users around the world, connected by a sense of international mindedness. Tap into this network to help progress your business and career, and expand your knowledge of global markets, people and culture.Now the time feels right to strengthen our resolve, galvanised by our experiences during the pandemic, to set an ambitious agenda for what we can achieve individually and as a group.
Think Women is a community for enterprising, globally minded women and men who want to help close the gender pay gap, accelerate education opportunitiesfor girls and children around the world, influence the upskilling of women and increase access to leadership roles.A priority is to give women confidence to take a bigger role in all areas of society.Future-fit-in-text-banner3

How can we achieve this? 

• Lively discussions, webinars,workshops and case studies
  • Coaching – executive coaching for individuals and teams. Accredited coach training
  • Mentoring – across different disciplines and industry sectors
  • A leadership programme with specific modules for women to develop their own particular style and leadership skills
  • Online community forum to keep in touch.
There is also something about the joy that naturally bubbles up at a Think Women gathering. Although it may be some time before live events are possible, we will endeavour to capture the spirit of Think Women at our online gatherings.We also need a bold agenda for some of the bigger aspirations. We will be looking for volunteers to help shape big ambitions and to be generous in sharing their knowledge of achieving successes in different areas and regions of the world or industry sectors.Au20-in-text-bannerWe want to tell inspiring stories and hear from women who have made a big impact. We also want to learn from those who have experiences to share where things didn’t work out so well and how women have become more resilient through setbacks and learnt from unexpected twists and turns in their professional and personal life.The Think Women community is as much about ordinary women doing what they do every day in their varied work and home lives as it is about the superheroes and role models. Only this month British, Jane Fraser made history by being appointed, Citigroup’s next CEO. In international press coverage she commented that only two years ago it didn’t seem possible but things change over time.Whether you believe in the power of a small nudge or a miraculous leap forward, we hope you’ll feel at home with the company you keep in the Think Women community, where women and men are welcome. Help make a difference for women and girls, now and in the future, around the world.Attend the next online Think Women Event on 11 November. To find out how to join, support or sponsor contact Fiona Murchie  or call +44 (0)1892 891334
Think Global People Autumn 2020 issue
This article is taken from the first issue of Think Global People, the new home of Relocate Magazine.
Click on the cover to access the digital edition or read all of the articles on our website.

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