Think Global People Autumn 2020 issue – out now!

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Think Global People Autumn 2020 issue out now
Think Global People Autumn 2020 issue
This article is taken from the first issue of Think Global People, the new home of Relocate Magazine.
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In this issue:

Think Global People: the Road to Future Fit

Learn more about our focus, which is firmly on the future and supporting individuals and organisations to learn from the Covid-19 pandemic and move on to grow their businesses.

Is Brexit Britain pro-immigration and what does it mean for business?

How have British feelings about immigration changed in the past four years, since the Brexit referendum - and where does the UK go from here? David Sapsted explores. 

What Global Mobility's Immigration Experts Think

We asked immigration experts across the global mobility sector for their views on whether Brexit Britain was pro-immigration and what this means for business.

Compliance risks in a post-Covid world

What is the most secure way to comply with the financial obligations associated with mobile workforces?

Global mobility policy: Good governance & effective communication

Dr Sue Shortland explains how sound principles underpin good decision-making especially now

Tuning into your team to unlock creativity

Paul Williamson reveals why music is a powerful tool in professional development

Keeping up with Covid-19: Staying Healthy and Getting Back to Work in the New Normal

How should HR and global mobility adapt to stay ahead of a second wave asks Ruth Holmes.

What's the deal? US Presidental Elections & US-UK trade

If there was one thing the US-UK talks over a post-Brexit trade deal did not need, then it was a presidential election on November 3 – an event that looks destined to muddy the already-murky waters swirling around the transatlantic negotiations.

Managing Uncertainty - The Global Mobility Experts' View

Covid-19 has accentuated longstanding uncertainties around trade pacts and talent mobility, as conversations with our global community show. These challenges are demanding new levels of agility, especially around the link between employee wellbeing and business health.

Covid-19 exposes pitfalls of Indian pharma's over dependance on Chinese API

The pandemic is laying bare global reliance on China for drugs. As Canada abandons clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine, China is blocking shipment of some of its key active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Global Talent Mobility Professional: A New Job Title?

The current focus on rethinking HR job titles better reflects organisational strategic direction. Dr Sue Shortland sets the context and explains what this could mean for global mobility professionals.

Think Women: The Time for Action is Now

A number of reports and surveys reveal how women are most likely to shoulder the impact of the downturn resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, Fiona Murchie responds.

Make a difference to your career and the future

We invite you to join our Think Women community and share your ideas and knowledge around how to make a difference to your own career and the lives of girls and women around the world.

From Disaster to Triumph: Students Shine this summer

It’s been a chaotic summer exam season. But now as clarity emerges, how have international schools and colleges fared? And what next for 2021’s A Level, IB, IGCSE, GCSE and BTec cohort?

Higher Education: Addressing Challenges in the Years Ahead

The Higher Education sector is facing a number of challenges but is responding to these proactively, with determination and resolve.

The Great International Education Fair

Join us online through November for the Great International Schools' Fair - for school videos, virtual tours, webinars, Q&A sessions, curriculum advice, and much more. 

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