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Our focus is firmly on the future and supporting individuals and organisations to learn from the Covid-19 pandemic and move on to grow their businesses.

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Think Global People Autumn 2020 issue
This article is taken from the first issue of Think Global People, the new home of Relocate Magazine.
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At the end of 2019 we re-aligned the Relocate Awards and introduced the Think Global People Awards to reflect the changes across the global mobility sector, and the relevance of innovation and best practice to international organisations managing talent and teams around the world. Like so many organisations, we have used the last six months to accelerate our expansion plans. We are transitioning to Think Global People as the home of Relocate where we will meet the needs of the wider international management market. We fill the gap in knowledge and expertise for a global perspective, and offer a different lens that touches the sweet spot for the many internationally minded people operating in global mobility, global leadership and management roles, and across the spectrum of lifelong learning and education, from schools to higher education.The diagram below illustrates our three areas of focus: Global Talent Mobility, Global Leadership & Sustainability, and Global Talent Development & Education. Excellence and innovation across employee experience and wellbeing, technology and learning are now more important than ever as the world adjusts to the new normal.
Think Global People - our audience and content delivery
The seismic shock of the pandemic is just one of the major risk factors alongside economic upheaval, political instability, wars and terrorism, natural disasters and cyber attack. During times of crisis and during this pandemic leaders have also had their eyes opened to the power of purpose – their own and that of their organisation – as well as the needs and responsibilities of their employees and their personal drivers.Some individuals have flourished working at home and enjoying new freedoms while others have floundered, missing the stability of routine and office comradery or experiencing the upheaval of overseeing school learning and caring responsibilities. Those on the front line in workplaces across the health sector and wider infrastructure for example have been pushed to their limits, with some relishing the challenge and others struggling with the responsibility and uncertainty.For many leaders and managers this has been a time to appreciate the human values of their teams and understand what is personally important. Leaders who have shown empathy and emotional intelligencearelikelytobetheones who are able to rebuild the new future for their organisation and their people. This is why leadership skills and coaching should be at the centre of the recovery.This is not new, but it has been brought into sharp focus by the experience of the pandemic and the need for better working practices.Positives include flatter organisational structures and streamlined decision-making, faster information flows, flexible and more inclusive ways of working, and resilient and agile teams able to quickly adapt and learn.Our audience is you: global leaders, managers and industry experts across a wealth of industry sectors, but predominantly those traditionally served by the global mobility market such as energy, pharmaceuticals, engineering, infrastructure, financial and consultancy.
HR and mobility professionals are core as our emphasis is people centred. The knowledge of service providers across all three areas of focus is critical and needs to be collaborative as more organisations become more attuned to the necessity for diversity of thinking as well as people in solving problems and driving value.In short, we aim to make business and global mobility easier and enable our connected community to share knowledge to grow sustainable organisations and economies in a local, regional and global market context.Think Global People is putting people at the heart of decision making.Au20-in-text-banner

Our people lens on sectors and the workplace of the future

We will explore the people behind the changes across industry sectors around the world, and their impact on working practices and workplaces.By examining global supply chains, we hope to encourage more collaboration across disciplines and industry sectors to help management and leadership teams solve some of the big and complex issues of today. These include climate change and sustainability, the challenges of globalisation and shifting demographics, as well as education, health, social and economic inequalities.There are always opportunities and ways of working better. Our knowledge-sharing communities will help you to connect at local, regional and global levels to support your people and help your organisations to grow.
Read about how you can get involved with our Think Women Community ‘Make a difference to your career and the futureAttend the next online Think Women Event on 11 November. Register your interest today.To find out how to join, support or sponsor contact Fiona Murchie or call +44 (0)1892 891334
Think Global People Autumn 2020 issue
This article is taken from the first issue of Think Global People, the new home of Relocate Magazine.
Click on the cover to access the digital edition or read all of the articles on our website.

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