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Winner of the 2018 Relocate Award for Best Mobility Research Contribution


This award is for contributions to mobility research. Teams and/or individuals who demonstrate innovative research contributions which have practical implications that impact and contribute to advancement of knowledge/ theory should apply.

Dr Susan Shortland presented the award to Barry Gilmour, Tracy Stuart Kautzmann and Lucy Foster from the IMPACT Group

The judges chose IMPACT as their winner because they provided a powerful piece of research that is helpful to both practitioners and academics in taking our knowledge forward through an understanding of how relocated individuals benefit from services such as spouse/partner job search and family integration support.

It is refreshing to see a different viewpoint taken as there are many surveys out there on the market that address the organisational perspective but very few that take the assignees’ perspective giving us hard data in this lesser known area.

A refreshing look at assignee support, assessing its benefits and the differing needs of varying assignee demographics. A great tool to help organisations see past the initial short financials of assignments and also sees the longer term financial gain and avoidance of financial gain and avoidance of financial loss from assignment failure.

Tracey Kautzmann, director of global client service, at the IMPACT Group, said, “Really excited that Relocate recognised it’s all about the employees and spouses and the experiences that they’re going through – the excitement of relocating but also the loneliness. It’s not just about efficiency, it’s about staying long term in the country that they’re relocating to.”

The Summer 2018 issue of Relocate magazine will include a detailed awards supplement.

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