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Relocate Award winners took a bow at a fabulous evening in one of London’s finest locations where the excitement, drama, wit and warmth of Shakespeare’s plays was matched by relocation’s finest players.

Relocate Awards 2018 Gala Dinner
Excitement mounted as over 200 guests from across HR and relocation gathered at yet another iconic venue, from all over the world including India, US and Europe to celebrate excellence across their professions at the prestigious annual Relocate Awards Gala Dinner.

This article is taken from the Summer 2018 issue of Relocate Magazine where you can find a full Awards supplement.

The Underglobe at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London was an idyllic setting for celebrating the achievements of some remarkable individuals and companies across the global mobility sector. The creativity and Shakespearean theme tying in neatly to the launch of the first ever Festival of Global Mobility Thinking the next day – inspiring mobility professionals to think strategically.

A night to remember

Guests were treated to an exuberant invitation to make merry and received a warm welcome at the champagne reception from actors in period costume. Many were taken completely by surprise by a sonnet or a burst of witty Shakespearean repartee as they explored the treasures of The Globe’s fascinating theatrical history in the circular gallery.Rohit Kumah, of IKAN Relocations thoroughly enjoyed the setting. “The venue is excellent. In India, we grew up being taught Shakespeare at school and it really does raise the spirits, which is very good for tonight’s celebrations. It really is thinking outside of the box and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next year!”
During dinner, guests were treated to spectacular acting and a hilarious, finely-crafted, eight-minute performance of Hamlet with some enthusiastic audience participation.The magical setting and playful nature of the evening in the intimate circular ballroom lent itself perfectly to conversation and networking.Guest Neil Bothams, chief executive of Santa Fe Europe and Asia Pacific said, “It is a fabulous venue. We were invited in true Shakespearean style surrounded here by real theatre and drama, which is definitely the everyday life of someone working in the relocation business.”

Recognising global success

“It’s amazing to see everyone come out at the Relocate Awards,” said Colin Fernandez of London-based Arlington House Apartments. “What’s really good is to be able to put a face to the name of people we interact with on a daily basis. This is the best time for everyone to enjoy the fruits of their labour and to admire everyone’s hard work and see their achievements recognised.”Impressed by the sheer scale and spectacle of the event was professor emerita at London Metropolitan University, Dr Sue Shortland, one of the longstanding judges for the Relocate Awards. “This is such a well-attended event and in such a novel location, which really lends itself well to these celebrations. To win, or not to win? That is the question many here are asking.”Introducing the evening’s awards ceremony, Fiona Murchie, managing editor said, “It’s been an absolutely fantastic year for entries, with submissions flooding in from all parts of the world. Last year, we celebrated innovation at the Science Museum, this year we wanted to embrace creativity and what better place to have held the awards than Shakespeare’s home on the Southbank to celebrate global success in the world of mobility.”“With Brexit looming, the growth of new sectors and advances in technology from AI to fintech, the sector is being forced to meet huge changes. Global mobility and HR professionals helping companies move their people are at the cutting edge of making sure companies can seamlessly operate around the world and grow their businesses,” she added.

A rewarding experience

During the festivities, Mr Bothams added, “It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what we do in our industry, the people we look after and the people who do the looking after and put them in the limelight for a change. A lot of the time in the service industry you’re working for someone else’s benefit and so it’s nice to pause and reflect on what makes the whole experience rewarding.”He enthused, “It’s really important for people to get recognition for what they’ve done in the industry both as an organisation and individually. It also gives a lot of encouragement, which is great.”
Relocate Awards 2018 Gala Dinner Elaine Crowe Award Winner
Special Award: Lifetime 
achievement in relocation
Elaine Crowe
The slick and enjoyable presentation ceremony directed by the lively Master of Ceremonies brought a sense of drama and occasion to proceedings. The formalities were concluded by rapturous applause and a standing ovation as a special commendation for Lifetime Achievement in Relocation was awarded to Elaine Crowe formerly of the Rank Group, Chair of RUG and a longstanding judge for the Relocate Awards, for her major contribution to the relocation profession in the UK and Europe.Andrea Piacentini, co-founder of the Res Forum, which sponsored the first Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion with its Learning Lab, captured the flavour of the evening, “The venue is outstanding. Everything, from the food to the entertainment, has been excellent. It’s a great concept and wonderful to see all the relocation industry together in one room.”

New categories launched

The Relocate Awards are really pushing the boundaries and responding to current and emerging trends not only in the sector but universally. To reflect this, four new awards were introduced this year.Every year the Relocate Awards reflect the twists and turns across not only the mobility sector but the wider arena of schools and research. Read on to discover the inspiring stories behind our winners. Witness some examples of pioneering individuals and companies responding to changing times, who are setting the agenda for talent mobility, technology, family support and retention, and helping to put global mobility and relocation at the heart of supporting international business growth.Global mobility and relocation is no longer the understudy but increasingly taking the leading role and putting both the hard and soft skills of relocation centre stage.

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Best International HR or Mobility Initiative – Sponsored by Santa Fe Relocation

Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion – Sponsored by RES Forum Learning Lab 

Outstanding HR & Mobility Supplier Partnership


Immigration Team of the Year


Best Technological Innovation – Corporate Support – Sponsored by ABODA by RESIDE

Best Technological Innovation – Employee & Family Support


Best Relocation Management Company

Best Serviced Apartment Provider

Excellence in Employee & Family Support

Destination Services Provider of the Year



Best International Removals Provider – Sponsored by FIDI Global Alliance


School Offering Outstanding Relocation Support

Inspiring Future Careers




Best Mobility Research Contribution

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