Winner of the 2018 Relocate Award for Best Technological Innovation – Employee & Family Support

Winner of the 2018 Relocate Award for Best Technological Innovation – Employee & Family Support

Chamness WorldWide

Above: Darla Chamness-Henry

The highly competitive technology category saw some interesting global entries, with Chamness Worldwide swooping in to win Best Technological Innovation – Employee and Family Support for its mobile platform.

The app which provides detailed, real-time information to help those relocating settle into their new environments with ease was applauded for its unique relevance to all parties involved in the relocation process. From relocating employees, to spouse/partners, local consultants and employers.

It was universally agreed by the judges that the global relocation solutions company had managed to deliver a “seamless and user-friendly piece of technology”. In their comments, the judges said, “Chamness successfully delivers a progressive innovative service enabling assignees, DSPs, RMCs and their clients to benefit from a refined modern app and back-end database. Utilising a GPS tracking system, it manages to capture all aspects of service in a smooth automated fashion.”

Seamless mobile platform technology

The app, which demonstrates multiple features was acknowledged for going above and beyond in giving clients valuable information to essential relocation sources, such as country overviews, city guides, purchase and rental information, as well as guidance on local schools and restaurants.

The technology’s capability to allow users to store information was hailed by the judges to be especially useful. Other technical features of note included voice activation on forms, live reporting, geo-tracking technology and instant messaging. The highly scored proprietary app was celebrated for its consideration of detail in making lives easy for all involved in the often complex relocation process. They remarked that despite an array of technical features, the mobile platform was “uncomplicated and clear to navigate through. The demo – professional and easy to follow.”


The judges were particularly pleased by the level of cost-effectiveness passed on to the user. Stating, “Text or phone calls through the app is not at cost to the user and policy can be highlighted on the dashboard which is a nice touch. GPS status monitors all activity for the consultant which is very useful and the app captures all aspects of service automatically from pics to location.”

With compliance being an integral part of international assignments, the app was considered to be an intuitive, one-stop mobile companion for effective compliance management, alleviating much of the heavy paperwork that mobility teams must often contend with.

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Summing up, the judges said the company had managed to create an app that fully addressed the changing needs of the global workplace with careful consideration of data protection.

“This app is something we are very excited about and is one that is helping us to deliver our relocation services with a completely universal approach. The relocation industry has lagged a little with technology and has certainly never been a leader in technology adoption. However, relocation companies are starting to realise that we can no longer be lagging. We don’t have to be early adopters but we need to be a lot further ahead from a technology standpoint in order to deliver the best relocation services we possibly can in a global environment, for all mobile employees. If you don’t embrace technology, I think you can become irrelevant in this industry, very quickly,” adds president at Chamness Worldwide, Mary Crump.

The sector may well have found its technology leader, not only has the company devised a sophisticated platform for the sector, it has gone so far as to ensure its model can be easily updated and upgraded with minimal programming changes.

Discussing future technologies in the pipeline, Ms Crump adds, “We’re proud to be several years ahead with our technology. Right now, we’re in the process of looking at an augmented reality (AR) tool for our area guide. So when you’re looking at the area guide, the AR piece pulls up on your phone to show you where your local restaurants are and pins them on a map.”

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