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Winner of the 2018 Relocate Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

Bournes Relocation Solutions 

New for 2018, this award that recognises an organisation-wide diversity and inclusion initiative that is making a significant difference to the winning company’s own, or a client’s, workplace in the context of mobility.

Jeremy Chandar collected the award for Bournes Relocation Solutions

The judges considered Bournes Relocation Solutions a worthy winner because of its work in facilitating discussion around global mobility and the LGBTQ community, and in creating an opportunity for global mobility professionals to learn how to adopt the correct approach in their processes and policies to ensure all employees could have as safe and successful an international assignment as possible. 

The judges summed up, “This entry wins because it demonstrates a highly proactive approach to sharing knowledge and understanding, promoting discussion and networking with a view to widening the profile of international assignees, and opening up the global mobility landscape to the LGBTQ community.” 

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The Summer 2018 issue of Relocate magazine will include a detailed awards supplement.


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