Winner of the 2018 Relocate Award for Destination Services Provider of the Year – Rest of World and Global

Winner of the 2018 Relocate Award for Destination Services Provider of the Year – Rest of World and Global

Santa Fe Relocation

Above: Priscilla Monticelli (Judge), John Beck, Raelene Byrnes, Gregoire Pinton

The Best Destination Services Provider Award 2018 was presented to Santa Fe. The judges were particularly impressed by the company’s commitment to personalised support for assignees at a time of fast developing technology across the global mobility sector. They remarked, “Santa Fe is a truly global DSP providing the full suite of services across all continents. It has provided investment in both its employees and systems to ensure they enrich their customers’ experience.”

Santa Fe make clear that DSP services are central to what they do and what their clients want from a global relocation management company with extensive international reach (96 offices in 47 countries with a global population of around 2,500 employees speaking 67 languages). The numbers are incredible, “with around 65,000 relocations per annum and 78,000 active assignees they must be doing something right,” the judges pointed out.


Their submission demonstrated a focus on quality, global consistency, people and their drive and passion to succeed, with a dedication to really “wow” their DSP clients and assignees.

The judges were most pleased by Santa Fe’s Perfect DSP training, process and checklists which enables them to provide consistent services across all their markets. The judges added, “The quality of the supporting evidence was excellent and provided a finite level of detail on the abilities of Santa Fe, including drilled down process flow charts for their end-to-end DSP processes.”

Tech-enabled support

Technology has to be the way forward for DSP services and certainly on the global scale that Santa Fe operates at. The £10 million investment in their digital platform reinforces their commitment to cost reduction for clients, compliance, efficiency and consistency across their operation. They maintain accurate record keeping across 96 offices through ORBIS (Global IT System) – ISO 27001 certified. Their new technology platform, created in partnership with Salesforce, brings a wealth of benefits for customers including 24/7 information for case management, online case authorisation, tracking and reporting and instant updates for assignees and their families through the assignee portal.

Santa Fe understand the relocation experience can become daunting for the transferee across the spectrum of orientation, home and school finding, settling in and departure. As stated in their entry statement, “DSP is at the heart of our business, strategically for us and emotionally for our customers, we are doing everything we can to enrich the customer experience and improve the quality of our communication platforms, both verbally and through new technology. Everything DSP does supports our customer-centric philosophy – we make it easy.” Their entry went on to evidence how they achieved this.

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The emphasis on training though their online PULSE system extends to external partners such as estate agents. These strong relationships with far-reaching suppliers and the in-country DSPs allows local developments and insights to be shared across not only the Santa Fe network but also with the clients, adding real value. Their investment in technology has also enabled rapid response and insights on new legislation to market trends.

Furthermore, the DSP department is now integrated in their graduate rotation programme bringing new talent into the industry. Cross-department training between DSP and household goods teams has developed team members and added support for customers in an ever-changing and diverse marketplace.

Mindful of increasing compliance and reporting obligations, all employees globally must pass the Santa Fe Code of Business Conduct Training and Integrity Education Series. This has successfully underpinned their global DSP service delivery and is especially reassuring for clients sending assignees to challenging locations that require extra vigilance around compliance, risk, safety and security.

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