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Winner of the 2018 Relocate Award for Immigration Team of the Year

A Y & J Solicitors

This category recognises providers of immigration support to companies that are relocating employees and their families. 

Yash Dubal and Diana Todirica collected the award for A Y & J Solicitors

The judges explained their decision, “The entry clearly demonstrates that the firm understands both the legalities, but also the personal impact of immigration law on people and uses its core values of honesty, passion and caring to provide a personal service tailored to each person on the move.”

Yash Dubal, director and senior immigration caseworker, at A Y & J Solicitors, said, “As the winners of the Relocate Award 2018 for Immigration Team of the Year, A Y & J Solicitors have been recognised for their hard work and dedication in meeting the legal immigration needs of corporations with a commitment to service, excellence, and results. The whole process in submitting an application for the nomination was soul searching experience, we are grateful to all stakeholders involved in this journey.

“A Y & J Solicitor’s corporate immigration team works on a foundation of core values that guides their approach to client services. Honesty, passion, and excellent customer services are coupled with compassion, caring, proficiency, and humbleness to create an environment where every client is treated with value and respect, and every case is treated with the utmost professionalism and expertise. The staff never lose sight of the fact that behind each case are individuals facing life-changing circumstances. 

“A Y & J Solicitors works alongside HR teams to create solutions that allow them to legally meet their staffing needs. Even when companies have faced refusals, suspensions, or revocations from UKVI, we work to create sustainable, compliant, long-term solutions that allow companies to meet Human Resource requirements, comply with government regulations, and successfully navigate the convoluted channels of changing policies. 

“A Y & J Solicitors has become a trusted resource and partner for many Sponsors who have either faced the past threat of civil penalties, suspensions, and revocations, or who wish to avoid such business-critical attacks.”

The Summer 2018 issue of Relocate magazine will include a detailed awards supplement.

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