Country Guide to Schools in Singapore

Finding the right school is a top priority for relocating families. This Guide is designed for parents, employers and relocation professionals. It provides information about the top international schools in Singapore, international education advice, information about choosing the best schooling option and applying for a school place.

Education & Schools in Singapore


International school choice in Singapore

Safe streets, green spaces, and a rigorous education system: Singapore has always been a magnet for international families.
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Competition for international school places in Singapore intensifies

The cost of debentures for Hong Kong’s international schools have fallen by a third. This as international schools in Singapore sees a rising number of enquiries and a shortfall of places.
Tanglin Trust School Singapore

International Schools in Singapore

Singapore continues to attract many expatriates and when it comes to schools, relocating families will find plenty of choice, and places in most of the country’s international schools. We assess the current state of provision.

Featured Articles


Global Citizens in the Making: The Role of Learning Languages

What practical and soft skills can Chatsworth students learn to build their global awareness and enhance their participation in the global community.
chatsworth school hockey

Words from an International School: Building Resilience through Sports

When we think of resilience, we think of situations where people have shown extraordinary bravery or can take on hardships. The fact of the matter is that resilience is commonplace – being able to accept failures or having the grit to try again.
Aini and Fathima DCIS IBDP Students and Student Ambassadors

DCIS Student Ambassadors Attend NAE UNICEF Summit

The annual Nord Anglia Education UNICEF Summit took place virtually this summer, gathering NAE students from across the globe to demonstrate how their schools are working to meet the United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Our student ambassadors, Year 13 students Aini and Fathima share what they gained from participating in the summit.

Guide to International Education & Schools

Relocate\'s International Education & Schools Guide

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