Transforming education in a fast-changing world

The role of today’s educators is to prepare young people for the jobs of the future in a world of rapid change, Colin Bell, CEO of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), tells Relocate.

Colin Bell, CEO of COBIS, speaks on the theme of the COBIS Annual Conference 2017 ‘Transformations’, urging educators to share a commitment to transforming children’s lives in this frequently unpredictable world.

Transforming the lives of children worldwide

Mr Bell said that transformations are inevitable in all walks of life, some for better and some for worse. The fast paced, unpredictable and ever changing world that we live in requires educators to share a determination and commitment to transform the lives of children and young people worldwide, regardless of their ability or personal circumstances.Mr Bell explained that the focus on the theme of ‘transformations’ in education would encompass performance, professionalism, wellbeing and school improvement.

Preparing children to live in a rapidly changing world

He explained that schools are used to change – advancing technology has dramatically changed teaching over the last few decades – but that the role of educators is now to prepare children to live successfully in a rapidly changing world where the jobs that they may eventually be employed in may not even exist yet.

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New COBIS Patron's Accreditation and Compliance programme

He also highlighted the new COBIS Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance programme – a new school improvement and external validation system launched on 1 April 2017 – as part of a rigorous assessment of quality for international British schools worldwide. This will be extremely valuable to relocating parents selecting appropriate schools and for the employers and relocation professionals supporting their moves.

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