Schools of the future: harnessing disruptive technologies

Will robots replace teachers? Will children learn using virtual-reality headsets? Interviewed by Relocate, Mark Steed, of Jumeirah English Speaking School, Dubai, predicts the future of schooling.

Mark Steed highlights the growing problem of supply and demand of schooling worldwide and examines technology and innovation to provide solutions to teacher shortages and a growing population.

Desperate shortage of teachers

In his keynote speech at the COBIS Conference 2017, he explained the global schooling problem – that 263 million children are not in school and there is a desperate shortage of teachers. He highlighted the statistic that 28 per cent of Physics lessons in the UK are not taught by a qualified Physics teacher.

Disruptive technology is key

Mr Steed argued that innovation is the key to tackling these problems – that technology, notably ‘disruptive technology’ (advances that transform life, business and the global economy) could solve the world’s problems.He also looked to the future, believing that ‘For Profit’ education will become the pattern – education being offered at three price points according to preferences such as class size, facilities and the qualification of teachers:
  • Premium
  • Mid-range
  • Budget

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Specialist teachers: a luxury

He proposed that being taught by a specialist teacher in a classroom would become a luxury with budget education being taught entirely online and that virtual technology headsets could enable students to experience a classroom lesson through video teleconferencing in the future. In the future classroom, robots would increasingly be used as Teaching Assistants.

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