Guide to Education & Schools in the UK 2017

Relocate Global’s new Guide to Education & Schools in the UK is perfect for relocating families. Find out how it can also benefit HR decision-makers, global managers and relocation professionals.

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Estate/ Letting Agents

Relocating parents

Discover what the Guide can offer your organisation here.Find out how the Guide can help you support relocating families here.Help families find property near their school choice. Find out more here.Discover the expert advice and information in our UK education Guide here.


The new Relocate Global Guide to Education & Schools in the UK is now available. It features all the information relocating parents need if they are to make the best education and schooling decisions for their children, whether they are new to the UK or already living there. It’s also ideal for overseas parents wanting a British education for their children.
  • Demystifies complex education issues
  • Provides advice and insider knowledge
  • Reassures anxious parents
Published in digital and printed formats, the guide is also a valuable resource for HR decision-makers, global managers and relocation professionals, who need information on the latest developments in education and schooling if they are to support and advise relocating families.
  • Retain top talent
  • Make your job easier
  • Reinforce your employer brand

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Keep up with the world of education

As HR and relocation professionals know, ensuring that accompanying family members are settled in their new surroundings is key to the success of any relocation, international or domestic. Research has shown that, by affecting the relocated employee’s productivity and engagement, family members’ failure to adjust to their new life can lead ultimately to the failure of a move, with all the associated human and financial costs.For relocating parents, their children’s education and future opportunities will be at the top of the priority list. A multitude of topics will need to be considered before they can choose the right school. These may range from curriculum choice to the benefits that a state, independent or international school can offer. They’ll also want to assess which type of school best suits their circumstances.Through the Guide to Education & Schools in the UK, they’ll quickly get up to speed with changes in education and exciting developments in areas like science and technology and language teaching.As well as exploring education options in the state sector, we reflect the wealth of independent schools that support expatriate and international students, as well as UK relocating families, by covering such topics as educating the global citizens of the future, Brexit, the modern-day boarding experience, and helping international students to excel in British schools.A cross-section of schools that understand the needs of children and families in transition have contributed editorial. We also include advice and reassurance from education consultants and cultural experts, to help parents to read between the lines and make the right education choices for their child and their family.


Excellence in UK education

  • Delivering skills for the future
  • Education reform in England
  • Education after Brexit
  • The importance of languages
  • Giving girls the digital bug

Exploring international education

  • Comparing global education systems
  • The impact of mobility on children
  • Preparing pupils for a diverse world

Choosing and applying for a school place

  • Choosing a new school
  • Applying for a school place in England
  • Read the big print
  • The value of education consultants

UK curriculum and learning

  • The education system in England
  • Understanding the new performance tables
  • Empowering young women from an early age
  • GCSEs explained
  • Understanding the new AS and A Levels
  • Preparing for the future
  • Vocational qualifications: an employer's perspective
  • Why employers value BTEC Diplomas
  • The benefits of NVQ qualifications
  • Apprenticeship: an earn-as-you-learn qualification
  • Cambridge Pre-U explained
  • The International Baccalaureate
  • A pathway to career success
  • England’s grammar school system explained
  • To appeal or not to appeal?
  • Qualifications and education in Scotland
  • Qualifications and education in Wales
  • Qualifications and education in Northern Ireland

UK independent schools

  • Securing a place at a top UK school
  • Choosing a boarding school in the UK
  • The new boarding experience
  • A very international British education


  • Directory of international schools
  • Directory of relocation services
  • Directory of consultant contributors
  • Directory of school associations

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