Culture and nature in The Netherlands

Eerde International Boarding School's (EIBS) position among the forest, fields and streams of the Overijssel countryside, makes it the perfect location for a variety of outdoor pursuits, explains Director, Niki Holterman.

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The school's location in a popular holiday destination ensures that EIBS has a lot of activities available for the children at weekends. Nature trails crisscross the landscape for miles all around Eerde Castle, offering students ample opportunity to hike, bike, and camp.Our pupils have to sign up for three activities outside school hours and this is where they often make their best memories of their time in school. Eerde is about giving responsible space for the young adult to express themselves and feel welcome while doing so.The school has excellent access to capitals such as The Hague, Amsterdam, Groningen and more, which allow the student to adjust to their adventure into higher education.EIBS is very much a community, where children from 20 nationalities across the globe live, study and play together, and in which the countryside is as important as the classroom.
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Academic options

The school offers a broad curriculum, including IPC (International Primary Curriculum), IMYC (International Middle Years Curriculum), Cambridge IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate, so that each child can work at their own pace – particularly important for those who do not have English as a first language.In addition to academics, each student can choose three extracurricular activities involving the arts, music, sports and more.

Arts and activities

As an official education partner of Rijksmuseum, students studying art and history can visit the latest art exhibitions. We also love to add a field trip to the academic curriculum.  Students of arts and history recently went to L'Atelier des Lumières in west Amsterdam.

Nature and friends

We are passionate about our Week Without Walls programme held every semester which has been very successful in Belgium with Outward Bound and their partners Nature providing a strenuous and challenging timetable of activities for our youngsters to engage in. From rock climbing, to night-orienteering, to Monkey Tree climbs and many challenging team-building activities, fun was had by all and we certainly achieved our goal of stretching our comfort zones.It's also a good example of how learning goes beyond the classroom. For many, it was their first camping experience under tough conditions and our admiration goes to all those who braved the elements, well done!

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. We really hope that the family and friends of the students will come to visit us and experience the culture and nature offered at the Eerde International Boarding School.
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