IGBIS Phoenix Talks 2023: Exploring the IB Journey with Insight and Inspiration

IGB International School's annual Phoenix Talks was held on 22 September 2023.

Image of students on stage at IGBIS
The Phoenix Talks is an annual event hosted in IGB International School (IGBIS) since the year 2021 for students who are going to be or are currently taking part in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the unique International Baccalaureate Career Programme (IBCP). During the Phoenix Talks, students in their last year of the programme (Grade 12) share their knowledge, insights and experiences with younger students by presenting their works on the core elements of DP and CP throughout the year. These core elements consist of the:
  • EE - Extended Essay (DP)
  • RP - Reflective Project (CP)
  • CAS - Creativity, Activity, Service (DP)
  • SL - Service Learning (CP)
  • TOK - Theory of Knowledge (DP)
  • PPS - Personal and Professional Skills (CP)
Grade 12 students will choose one of the following to present during the Phoenix Talks and can choose to present it formally on stage or present by engaging with the audience in a workshop during the later session. The Phoenix Talks consists of four different sessions: presentations of the students' core element, TOK and PPS exhibitions, student-led workshops and lastly, a question and answer panel session. IGBIS Phoenix Talks students on stage Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks
This year on the 22nd of September 2023, our current Grade 12 students presented their works during the Phoenix Talks. We also had a special guest alumna who came to talk about her experiences during the IB and share advice with the students. During the first session of the talk, there were many presentations of the Students' Extended Essays, Reflective Projects, or CAS that provided insight into modern-day controversies, books, solutions and perspectives. During these presentations, the younger students will be able to gain more knowledge and understanding of their future projects and essays, hence, proving a great help in the long run. One of the presentations covered the topic of Censorship Controversial Art, which was done for the student’s reflective project in the IBCP. Many students found this interesting as the presentation ignited critical thinking in students, including different perspectives that people have following this topic. Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks
The second session of the Phoenix Talks was the TOK and PPS exhibitions. TOK (Theory of Knowledge) allows students to evaluate, examine and think critically about how knowledge is gained and developed. In the IBCP programme, PPS (Personal and Professional Skills) is aimed to help students build skills and attitudes which can later be applied in personal or professional situations presently and in the future. During the TOK and PPS exhibitions, students can walk freely around the booths led by the Grade 12 students presenting either their TOK or PPS displays. Students may also ask questions about the research exhibition and gain further insight into the subject and topic presented. Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks
The third session of the Phoenix Talks is split into two blocks where students were to choose a workshop that they would like to attend during the first half and second half. The workshops are both interactive and engaging, with the Grade 12 students having the opportunity to showcase their projects with a smaller scale of students, leading to a higher level of engagement between the seniors and their participants. An interactive activity held during the third session that many students enjoyed was the Plant Project. The Plant Project fulfils the Service criteria in the core element of CAS, as the goal of the project was to reduce the amount of waste produced by the IGBIS community. During the workshop, students attending could make their own plants using the materials provided by the Grade 12 students. This part of the Phoenix Talks encourages students to live a greener lifestyle but also fulfils the core element of service by teaching the students how by giving a hands-on experience with planting.IGBIS Students at The Phoenix Talks Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks
Lastly, the fourth session of the Phoenix Talks is a panel discussion. The panel discussion is one of the most unique events held at IGBIS. The discussion takes place at the theatre, where some Grade 12 students taking different subjects answer questions from the younger students about the programme and give advice on several topics and concerns. The panel discussion is incredibly effective as each representative from Grade 12 has a different perspective and opinion on the programme and subject that they have chosen. As a result, younger students will be able to receive various advice and have a more balanced outlook on the programme and their choice of subjects in the future.Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks Image of IGBIS students at The Phoenix Talks
For more information about IGBIS and the programmes we offer, feel free to browse around our website. For further inquiries, you may contact us at +603 6145 4688 or at enquiries@igbis.edu.my. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to stay updated on our activities and on-goings.
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