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Our recent Innovation Festival for Global Working and the Award Supplement and videos are testament to the strides, organisations are making to adapt and innovate in uncertain times despite the economic environment. Astronaut Tony Antonelli challenged our thinking and the need to aspire to ambitious global goals, learn from mistakes and the importance of pushing innovations forward whatever your sector. Our Hot Topic is a timely reminder of the duty of care responsibilities of those managing global mobility and business travel.

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In this issue:

Exclusive interview with astronaut and space expert Tony Antonelli. The synergy of leadership, innovation and planning

Astronaut Tony Antonelli shares insights on leadership and innovation in the Space Sector and how NASA’s experience in overcoming setbacks has real-life, practical applications for businesses in this interview with Marianne Curphey.

NASA Astronaut embraces 'Think Global' innovation message

Tony Antonelli shared his leadership insights - and the foundations of his extraordinary career - with guests at the Innovation Festival for Global Working in the bucolic surroundings of Relocate Global HQ in Kent writes Ruth Holmes.

Innovation Festival for Global Working keynote sets agenda

Bringing together every aspect of the global mobility supply chain with talent and business leaders, the Innovation Festival for Global Working provided the perfect place to network and share insights on where next for global mobility and cross-border working writes Ruth Holmes.

Innovations in international working

The Innovation Festival for Global Working’s 'Future of Global Mobility & Education Hub' offered perspective-shifting insights into how to support all assignees achieve fulfilling and productive international moves that are geared to personal and economic growth.  Ruth Holmes reports.

Dialogue: Moving things forward together

The Leadership Hub was divided into two sessions. A workshop led by Sarah Rozenthuler Leadership consultant, chartered psychologist and author on ‘Leading through dialogue’ followed by a further interactive session on leadership challenges co-hosted with Dr Susan Doering

The drive to become more entrepreneurially focussed in the new world of work

Our experts examine how an entrepreneurial mindset is essential to survive in the current economic climate, how today’s school leavers will shape future strategy and engagement, and why in many countries the concept of returning to the office full time is effectively finished.

Space sector spinouts and world-beating solutions

The race for space is a multinational endeavour. A new report from PwC highlights the UK’s unique position in attracting global talent and private investment. This while space tech establishes its significant role in driving economic growth and solving some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. Ruth Holmes reports.

War chest for life sciences but skills shortage stays

Industry leaders in the UK's pharmaceutical, tech and health sectors have reacted with enthusiasm – and no small amount of relief – following the government announcement of a £650 million 'war chest' to boost the nation's life sciences reports David Sapsted.

Trends in Global Mobility

How can employers and organisations reward staff, help them nurture their career and answer their demands for more flexible working while navigating the complex world of international tax, social security and workplace regulations? That is the question addressed by the new KPMG report Great Expectations: How expectations across pay, mobility, borders, and life are changi/ng reports Marianne Curphey.

What is a reverse assignment?

How can employers and organisations reward staff, help them nurture their career and answer their demands for more flexible working while navigating the complex world of international tax, social security and workplace regulations? That is the question addressed by the new KPMG report Great Expectations: How expectations across pay, mobility, borders, and life are changing reports Marianne Curphey.

Stakeholder input in global mobility planning, decision-making and performance outcomes

The movement of individuals to different countries on assignment involves a wide range of stakeholders and requires excellent co-ordination, communication and efficiencies if the desired performance outcomes are to be achieved. Dr Sue Shortland explains.

Eight trends to watch in global serviced apartments

Marianne Curphey interview with Vivi Cahyadi Himmel, CEO and co-founder at AltoVita, the female-founded corporate accommodation platform.

How to manage your employer's Duty of Care in a rapidly changing global environment

There are growing threats to employees working abroad and travelling on business trips, from industrial espionage, terrorism and civil unrest. At the same time companies are trying to widen the scope of people they send on assignments in order to fulfil their DE&I objectives. How should an employer discharge their duty of care without trampling across the private life and personal freedom of their employees? Marianne Curphey talks to Richard Dean Harris, partner and director of advisory at CHC Global, an expert on travel risk management and employer’s Duty of Care.

Accelerating growth: are the brakes coming off global immigration policies?

Given the ever-growing skills shortage across the globe, it is small wonder that many governments are scrambling to liberalise immigration policies – while adopting programmes aimed at upskilling indigenous populations – in a bid to solve the problem.  David Sapsted reports.

UK expecting more visa curbs to cut migration

Faced with record net migration last year and a growing clamour from the right wing of the Conservative Party, the UK government is looking at further action to curb legal immigration.  David Sapsted reports.

Supporting neurodiversity within your workforce is much more than just compliance – and the benefits are significant

Nancy Doyle, Professor of Organizational Psychology specializing in neurodiversity at work, and founder of social enterprise Genius Within, explains how supporting neurodiversity in the workforce should be more than a box-ticking exercise and how an innovative approach to staff relationships can yield dividends.

Latest International Education and Schools Articles:

Introducing online learning at King's InterHigh

Discover why King’s InterHigh online international school is perfect for expatriate children and families frequently on the move in this conversation with Ashley Harrold, CEO of Inspired Online Schools. Ruth Holmes reports.

Education in Switzerland

Switzerland has always ranked as one of Europe’s best destinations for education. The choices include a highly rated state system, bilingual and international schools and an elite boarding school network. From 2022/23 Guide to International Education and Schools.  By Sally Robinson.

UK-Switzerland seal mutual qualifications deal

Britain and Switzerland have entered into an agreement to recognise each other’s professional qualifications in sectors such as legal services, architecture and accounting.  David Sapsted reports.

Education in Japan

Thanks to a strong economy, a vibrant culture and a growing selection of highly-rated international schools, Tokyo has plenty to offer globally-mobile families, reports Sally Robinson.

Awards Supplement Articles:

Think Global People | Relocate Awards 2023

Dr Sue Shortland, Head Judge reports on the quality of entries.

Innovation: best practice and best fit for the future

The 2023 Think Global People and Relocate Awards took innovation as the over-arching theme with the aim of highlighting excellence across a range of global people management and mobility areas. Its objective was to showcase excellence in the leadership of people and delivery of mobility services. Dr Sue Shortland explains.

The value for research in global people management

Each year the Think Global People and Relocate Awards recognise the Best Research contribution for excellence within the leadership and management of global people. Dr Sue Shortland explains why and how research provides the impetus for learning and continual improvement.

Awards winner articles

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