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The Relocate Think Women Resource Centre contains articles that are designed to empower women to take the leap to success. We also have tips about how to combine caring with an international career, casting the net wider in the search for talent, while also looking forward to imagine what the CEO of the future will look like - plus, much more.

Think Women

Watch the Think Women: Catch Up Webinar

Hosted by Fiona Murchie, managing editor, Relocate Global and Relocate magazine with guest panelists Peter Moolan Feroze, artist and creative consultant, Marianne Curphey, journalist and Alexandra Terhalle, executive coach.

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Resources on Relocate Global:

Four inspiring Think Women videos to celebrate International Women’s Day

This year to celebrate International Women’s Day we invited four women to share their stories and experiences with our Think Women community to update us on what they have learnt and achieved over the past year.

Why is Purpose so Important for Women Now?

Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist, leadership consultant and published author. In conversation with Jayne Constantinis and Fiona Murchie.

Ripples of Change for Women in the Post Pandemic World

Professor Vlatka Hlupic is the 11th Most Influential HR Thinker, and an international award-winning thought leader on Leadership 4.0. In conversation with Jayne Constantinis and Fiona Murchie.

The Inspiring Story Continues: Carrie Clark Officially an Airline Pilot

Watch Carrie Clark in conversation with Jayne Constantinis and Fiona Murchie to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Celebrating women in aviation and redressing gender imbalance on International Women’s Day

A global air charter specialist has begun a campaign to highlight the wide range of job roles in aviation, in a bid to help address gender imbalance in the industry.

Why supporting women to realise their aspirations matters

In an enlightening and accessible conversation with Fiona Murchie, Dr Sue Shortland covers segregation and the gender and ethnicity pay, the prospects for young women’s careers and career choices plus sectorial issues, and how women can start to re-position into sectors not hit by the pandemic.

International Women’s Day 2021: Choose to Challenge

It’s just days until International Women’s Day 2021 (8 March). There’s still time for you and your colleagues to take a moment and think about how you can make a difference at this pivotal moment.

Four ways female leaders can keep on track during the COVID-19 crisis

Relocate Global’s latest Think Women community webinar offered practical advice from executive coach Alexandra Holden Terhalle on how to make the best of the lockdown.

International Women’s Day 2020: how 'Each for Equal' resonates with global professionals

Celebrating International Women’s Day, our Think Women event will honour women’s inspiring stories of how they are breaking the mould and making a difference to create a more gender-balanced world.

Think Women: small changes can have profound effects

Relocate’s Think Women event celebrated International Women’s Day and brought together inspiring speakers to share their stories of overcoming personal and professional challenges to achieve success.

International Women’s Day celebrations at Global Mobility’s biggest gathering

Relocate Global’s ‘Think Women’ celebration at the Institute of Directors on Friday to mark International Women’s Day welcomed its highest-ever turnout, underlining the relevance of the movement’s message and call for collective action in Global Mobility, HR and Education.

Creating a high-performance, humane workforce for the future

Vlatka Hlupic, award-winning thought leader and keynote speaker for Relocate’s Think Women event explores how our attitudes and behaviours at work can have a bigger impact than you realise.

Combining caring with an international career

Personal, as well as organisational, change is important to delivering equality for women. In celebration of International Women's Day and our Think Women event on 6 March, communications consultant and campaigner Memuna Forna shares her story about what drives her professional and personal life across two continents.

Taking the leap to success

Speaker at our Think Women event, Ann Ellis, founder of Mauve, shares her inspiring journey from Welsh farming family and headteacher to CEO of a global workforce solutions company.

Mauve: from ‘company in the cupboard’ to global operation

Discover the inspiring journey of one of the speakers at our upcoming Think Women event - Ann Ellis, who went from headteacher to expat to CEO of global workforce solutions company Mauve Group.

Tipping the balance: a lifetime’s work

Ahead of Relocate’s Think Women lunch, we caught up with business development consultant Susan Ginsberg to hear her view on how times have changed for women and today’s young professionals.

Making mobility happen: Ann Ellis

As Relocate Global’s Think Women community looks forward to celebrating International Women’s Day, we talk to Ann Ellis, a speaker at our event on 6 March, to acknowledge the work of trailblazing women with international careers.

Why anyone can become an airline pilot

Carrie Clark is a young woman bucking the trend by training to become an airline pilot. She explains why anyone can realise their dream with a lot of perseverance and hard work.

Young female pilot aims to help open up career opportunities for all

Carrie Clark, at age 28, explains how she has spent more than a decade pursuing her dream of becoming an airline pilot and how she aims to make the aviation industry more accessible to people from all backgrounds.

Encouraging women to grow and thrive in international careers

This March, events such as International Women’s Day and Relocate’s Think Women lunch and workshop are bringing women together to support and inspire each other.

The search for talent - how to cast the net wider

The skills shortage affects many companies and the issues around Brexit may make it more difficult to attract overseas talent. Is the solution to hire from outside your industry?

Why we need more women and girls in science

We look at the importance of International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020 and how it is helping women and girls to realise their aspirations.

What will the CEO of the future look like?

The way that CEOs lead is changing. Marianne Curphey looks at how this role has adapted for the better.

Think Women inspires women to take opportunities in a global environment

As part of the celebrations for this year’s International Women’s Day, Relocate Global will be hosting its Think Women workshop and lunch at the Institute of Directors, London on Friday, 6 March.

Think Women: encouraging a workforce where women thrive

Discover what you can do to support women in international roles. Join us at our Think Women Lunch on 6 March to discuss how inclusion, leadership development and education can promote more opportunities globally for women and girls.

Think Women speakers announced

Even more reasons to attend the Think Women workshop and lunch in London on 6 March!

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