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Award News: Excellence in Technology or Analytics: Local Solutions

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The Excellence in Technology award recognises the effective and innovative use of technology by a relocation organisation or HR team to bring about business and corporate benefits within the context of global mobility.

The judges called this entry, “A responsive solution that benefits assignees and their employers by creating a very smooth relocation experience. The technology has not only streamlined the home search process but also has enhanced it to offer clients continuous improvement for their employee experience and wellbeing. This is how Global Mobility and technology always need to partner.”

Simon Johnston, CEO and Director, Icon Relocation, said, "First of all I'm really proud, because we got this for our technology team, so for them to get this recognition, to get the plaudits for what they've built it's amazing. From that point of view it's fantastic. Also, to actually show to our clients how well the team have been involved in this, because the technology was being built with everybody in the company's involvement. So having that recognition as well is just wonderful for the team.

"Then lastly to show to our clients that we are on to something really interesting, that it's a  great platform, we have some really great data analytics. So it's one of these lovely feelings. It's sort of win-win. Everybody gets something very positive out of it. I'm incredibly pleased, incredibly chuffed."

The award was presented by Holly Creed, with over 12 years experience in HR and Global Mobility and member or our judging panel.

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Simon Johnston, CEO and Director, Icon Relocation, colleague, and Marc Burrows, KPMG

The award was collected by Simon Johnston, CEO and Director, Icon Relocation.

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 This article is taken from the 2022 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.

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