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Best serviced apartment provider – Local

Winner: Stay Kooook


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Stay Kooook has won the Best Serviced Apartment Provider in the Local category for its innovative approach to customised apartment provision. This local Swiss serviced apartment provider has apartments and social spaces particularly suitable for young people working in Berne looking for a cool vibe. 

The judges described Stay Kooook as “a dynamic company providing customised accommodation that focuses on personalisation in a highly socialised setting. This is a most welcome development in locally-focused serviced accommodation provision.”

Stay KooooK stands at the forefront of redefining temporary accommodation with excellent reviews on travel websites and a warm and welcoming approach.

“At Stay KooooK, we recognise that mobility encompasses more than just physical movement; it's about feeling at ease and at home wherever life takes you,” says Katharina Kunze, sales consultant.

“Therefore, we invented our own room concept, 'The Slide'. It is not only a piece of furniture but a movable room element designed to optimise space and adaptability to their needs. Guests can effortlessly reconfigure their living environment by changing the location of the room element, whether it's creating a spacious sleeping area or transforming their studio into a fully equipped kitchenette.”

To further contribute to the 'home' feeling, Stay KooooK properties offer exclusive communal areas, with communal kitchens, cosy seating areas and designated workspaces fostering social interaction and a sense of community. Regular after-work events further enhance the relocation experience, providing a platform for individuals to engage with the local community and discover the vibrant culture of the area.

In addition, hosts are on hand to provide assistance and recommendations, ensuring that guests' needs are promptly addressed. They play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community among guests, organising social events and facilitating connections that enrich the overall experience.

Responsive, resource-efficient and cost-effective service

Stay KooooK is committed to sustainability and responsible resource management. The judges commended the user-friendly web app, which helps to minimise paper waste and reduce environmental impact.

Stay KooooK's leadership team is dedicated to driving innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the hospitality industry. Its commitment to diversity and inclusivity extends beyond the workforce to partnerships with local communities and sustainable suppliers.

It provides ongoing training and support and equips its team with the knowledge and tools to deliver innovative and inspirational service in an increasingly global and diverse marketplace.

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The award was collected by Katharina Kunze, sales consultant, Stay Kooook.


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