Dealing with Brexit challenges at The New School Rome

The UK’s EU exit has implications for international schools in Europe and the families whose children attend them. Relocate asked Jonathan Massey, head of The New School Rome, for his perspective.

There is no doubt that, whatever its pros and cons may be, the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU) will have far-reaching effects.As Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU begin, Relocate talked to The New School Rome’s headteacher, Jonathan Massey, to find out how expatriate students, their families and the school were responding to the current climate of change and uncertainty.

Coping with change

The New School Rome has approximately 220 students, of whom just over half are children of Italian families seeking a British education, with the ultimate goal of attending a UK university.“I think there is a degree of uncertainty about Brexit and its impact on the UK,” said Jonathan Massey. “I wonder how much of a destination the UK will still be post-Brexit for our 15-, 16- and 17-year-old students.“At the moment, families are raising it during enrolment interviews – asking what plans we have for post-Brexit, whether universities in the UK will still accept students from European countries, whether the fees will remain the same. I think that level of uncertainty is weighing on people’s minds.”

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This is a concern that many heads, parents and students will share as events unfold. The uncertainty also affects British teaching staff. Jonathan Massey confirmed that some were seeking Italian citizenship.For staff with families, this was partly about retaining a degree of permanence to allow their children to live and work not only in Italy but also in other European capitals and countries.Part of Relocate’s Headteacher Insights series, our video interview with Jonathan Massey also covers:The video also covers:
  • Italy as a post-Brexit location for companies
  • How The New School Rome helps new pupils and their families to settle

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